2020: The year of takeaway

6 November, 2020

How your takeaway can be made better with a few at-home enhancements

If you’ve been getting more takeaway food this year than ever before, you’re not alone. For many of us, 2020 has been the year of takeaway as we’ve tried to support our favourite food businesses through lockdowns and ongoing trading restrictions (Plus, if the fatigue of living through a global pandemic has had you feeling too exhausted to
cook, we feel you on that too!).
And yet, while takeaway is great, it doesn’t always match the experience that comes from dining out. So we’ve put together some tips on the little enhancements you can do at home to elevate your takeaway experience and make it just that bit better.

Presentation matters

We know, we know. When you’re tired and hungry, sometimes you just want to get the food in your belly as quickly as possible. But it really is true that the first mouthful is with the eyes. Taking a couple of minutes to transfer your takeaway from its sad and flimsy plastic tub and onto a nice plate can make the eating experience so much better.

Proper cutlery, whether that’s your metal knife and fork or some nice chopsticks (rather than the ones that came with your meal that always end up leaving a splinter in your mouth, no matter how carefully you split them), make everything taste better too. Sitting at a table instead of slumping on the lounge in front of Netflix doesn’t hurt either. It’s better for your digestion too – trust us.

Spice, zing and other good things

There’s some dishes that just benefit from an extra little ‘something-something’ to get it just right for you. It’s why so many noodle bars have different chilli sauces, or dishes come with a wedge of lemon or lime (it’s not just for decoration). The ability to tailor the spice level to your preference or to lift a dish with a bit more acid can bring everything together to create culinary perfection.

But sometimes the little extras that your favourite restaurant might have aren’t available in single-serve portions for them to send with your takeaway. That’s why having a well-stocked selection of condiments at home can be just the trick to take your dinner to the Goldilocks-zone (you know, just right!).

Your must-haves might be a bottle of hot sauce like Siracha or a jar of sambal (Asian City has a great selection – have a browse to find your new favourite). Or it could be some fresh wedges of lime or a few flakes of a delicate finishing salt to really bring everything to life. For salads and pasta, a drizzle of your best extra virgin olive oil might be just the thing it needs. Adding some fresh herbs can also be a winner!

Mix and match

Of course, takeaway doesn’t have to be the whole show. There’s nothing wrong with mixing takeaway elements with home cooked foods to make a whole meal. Serve a salad from Stone and Peel with a freshly cooked piece of meat at home. Buy some noodle soup for an entrée.

Your dinner, your rules! And don’t forget the drinks. You might not have a sommelier at home, but the team at BWS can help with some drinks suggestions to perfectly match your takeaway food!