Delicious Vegan foods that taste better than you think

10 May, 2019

Whether you’re a herbivore, carnivore or somewhere in between, there are some amazing vegan ‘superfoods’ that totes taste better than they sound.

They’re green and a little bit furry, but these little pods are full of amino acids and have zero cholesterol. Edamame beans have become a popular choice when it comes to a healthy snack or side dish. There’s something oddly satisfying when squeezing the smooth little soy beans out of the pod with your teeth.. (FYI the pods themselves aren’t edible). They’re delicious straight from the pod or tossed in a salad.

You can try edamame over at Stone & Peel

Seaweed aka ‘sea vegetables’ can be a bit of an odd concept to eat especially if you’ve ever had a big bunch of seaweed brush your leg while swimming at the beach (vom!) but edible seaweed is actually quite yummy. Seaweed or Nori is used to wrap scrumptious sushi rolls and raw seaweed is delicious in a nourishing bowl of Miso soup. You don’t have to be a mermaid to enjoy the benefits of this oceanic hors d’oeuvre packed with vitamins and minerals that your body will love.

Try a hint of Seaweed in Miso over at Pepper Lunch

Kimchi is salted and fermented vegetables. Now, before you turn your nose up at the word ‘fermented’, keep in mind that the delicious glass of vino you may be sipping on (we totally aren’t having a cheeky glass whilst writing this *wink) is indeed – fermented! While we admit it is a bit of an acquired taste, there’s something rather moreish about its spicy and sour notes. Its full of vitamins, aids in digestion and we think it’s totally worth trying.

Head over to Pepper Lunch to try their kick-arse kimchi