5 Mothers Day Ideas That Don’t Include Breakfast In Bed

6 May, 2019

Mothers Day is a glorious day on the second Sunday of May that mums around Australia look forward to. We don’t expect presents, even though our kids make us photo frames that usually fall apart. We don’t expect much, we’re a simple breed, but there are a few things we secretly desire on this magical day.

A Sleep In

What mother doesn’t wish for a sleep in on just one day of the year? Being mums, our body clock usually wakes us up early anyway, but to be able to stay in bed and binge watch a couple of episodes of our favourite series would be ideal. Don’t wake us, don’t ask us for breakfast, don’t ask us to wipe your bum. Just leave us in bed until we decide to get out of it. You might be more likely to see a unicorn than get a sleep in.

Go Out For Breakfast

Breakfast in bed is great and all, but there’s always the clean up afterwards. The kids making your breakfast is cute but you can only imagine the mess that comes with it. Going out for breakfast with your fam bam means that someone else will be cleaning up all the mess your kids create, and you know it’s a lot.

Go for a walk by yourself

Going for a walk by yourself first thing in the morning clears your mind and puts you in an exquisite mood for the day that is all about you. Pop your headphones in and blast some Beyonce. You could power walk to get the endorphins pumping, or slowly stroll to stay out that little bit longer. After all, this day is about you, so it’s your choice.

Champagne Breakfast With Your Girlfriends

Sometimes it’s nice just to be able to go out with your other mum girlfriends for a mimosa or four. Mothers Day doesn’t always have to be about being with your family. After all, this day is for you and it’s just breakfast, that will probably turn into lunch. General Chao know what’s up. They are hosting a 3 day bubbles festival over the Mother’s Day weekend. This is not a weekend to miss.

Get the kids to clean the house

Sit down and relax, with a coffee in your hand and smile on your face while your kids clean the house around you. This may only be relevant to mums with older kids, but we’re sure you can convince your other half to help if your 8 month old can’t quite pick up their dirty socks quite yet. Not having to lift a finger all day may just be the winning present we think.

So, buckle up mums. Read this article our to your kids and get ready for the best Mothers Day present you could ever ask for.