6 Winter Warming Soups FOR YOU!

31 May, 2019

Soup is truly one of those things that we associate with comfort. There’s nothing quite as comforting as a warm bowl of chicken noodle soup when our bodies are sick and tired. Soup is one of those very special dishes that almost every nook in the world have taken and adapted into their own special versions. No matter what flavour or style of soup you choose to slurp, comfort, warmth and cosiness are almost always guaranteed when inhaling this lovely elixir.

Soup isn’t only comforting and nourishing but its an incredibly cost effective meal to make that can be stretched to provide more than just one meal, and can also be transformed over and over again by adding various ingredients each time its plated. It’s literally as old as time and the only thing better than soup itself is the delight of mopping up the last of it with a crusty piece of bread.

Not only is soup a gentle and nourishing meal to have in the colder months, but by adding additional flu fighting ingredients like ginger, turmeric, garlic and coriander, soup can literally be the perfect medicine your body needs to fight off sniffles, sneezes and nasties with these immunity boosting bug busters.

We’ve found the 6 best soups that Chatswood has on offer!

Memory Tongue

Hotpot with the lot. Pick and choose from a huge variety of fresh veges, meats and spices to create your very own unique hotpot soup! With a clear broth or chili broth base to choose from you’ll love creating a custom soup that’s just right for you!

Chum Tang

Tom Yum soup literally puts the yum in this delectable dish. With spicy and sour notes this bowl is bursting with unique Thai flavours that will give you the winter warmer boost you need to soldier on through a winters day! Topped with prawns makes this soup truly something special!

Saigon Rolls

Pho noodle soup is a sure crowd pleaser with its delicious soothing broth pho comes jam packed with a variety of delicious ingredients including noodles, egg, protein, veges and added fresh veges onto of a bit of a cool crunch. Its like soup on steroids promising a full belly and happy heart after consumption.

The Dumpling House

Not only know for their delectable dumplings, their beef curry soup is both filling and moreish. If you’re a true curry lover this is the soup for you, rich in all the layers of flavours that you’d expect from a slow cooked curry but in soup form! Get slurpin’!


Vegetarians rejoice! 1Ton does a vegetarian laksa soup that will knock your socks off! Laksa is especially filling as it has a creamy element to it usually with a coconut milk base. Get this bowl of goodness in you STAT! With chunky tofu bites and fresh veges to boot, this lovely laksa will leave you oh so satisfied with its creamy and spicy characteristics .


Karaka-Men is freaking delicious (and surprisingly isn’t just for men!) and Ippudo know how to make this creamy tonkatsu justttt right! Featuring their secret dashi recipe, perfectly cooked pork loin and a handful of fresh veges topped with an boiled egg its no surprise that this soupy delight is both filling and flavoursome!

You’ll find all these restaurants and divine dishes listed in District Dining (directly above Chatswood Train Station) and Station Level at Chatswood Interchange.