9 vegetarian comfort food dishes you’ll love

7 May, 2021

It’s like a warm hug in a bowl

As winter approaches, our thoughts naturally turn to satisfying, soul-warming comfort foods to get us through the colder months. But they don’t necessarily have to contain meat or be unhealthy. 

Here, we look at some of our favourite vegetarian dinner ideas for meat-free Monday (or any other day of the week, if you fancy!)

Vegetarian curry recipes

When you’re thinking about vegetarian comfort food, curries naturally spring to mind. There’s something about the fragrant spices that team so beautifully with vegetables to make a comforting meal. In fact, there are so many amazing vegetarian curry recipes out there we could probably devote this entire blog to them! But for starters, why not try?

  • Tossing roasted cauliflower and potatoes with spices such as cumin, coriander and turmeric to make this aromatic (and vegan) roasted aloo gobi.
  • Combining mixed mushrooms (such as king oyster, shiitake or Swiss browns) and coconut with a spice paste of cardamom pods and star anise to produce a spicy rendang curry that packs a punch. 
  • Simmering dumplings in a tasty yoghurt and tomato sauce in Anjum Anand’s Rajasthani chickpea dumpling curry

The best vegetarian chilli recipe ever

Well, that got your attention, didn’t it? But we have to say Jamie Oliver’s hearty veggie chilli (or chilli sin carne as it’s called in this writer’s house) is pretty hard to beat. It’s also cheap and cheerful and can be tweaked depending on what you have to hand. Don’t have sweet potatoes? Use butternut pumpkin or regular potatoes, instead. No onions? Then substitute spring onions or leek. Don’t like coriander? Then use fresh basil. You get the idea…

A bowl of soul-warming soup, please!

While we’re talking winter warmers, it’s hard to go past a steaming bowl of soup. There are nearly as many veggie soup recipes as there are plastic bricks on Lego Masters but why not try?

  • This healthy broccoli, zucchini and leek soup with feta and seeds. Not only does it taste good but the veggies may help to fight winter coughs and colds, too. Win!
  • Donna Hay’s no-peel, creamy butternut pumpkin soup is as easy to make as it is delicious. Add some harissa and cayenne pepper if you fancy a bit of a kick. 

Whatever you’re cooking, it’s easy to find everything you need around Chatswood Interchange, with stores like Horn of Plenty and Woolworths for you to grab and go.