9 winter salad ideas you’ll love

18 June, 2021

Salads aren’t just for summer!

As winter arrives, it’s natural to find ourselves hankering for warming comfort foods to get us through the colder months. And while our thoughts naturally turn to satisfying soups and stews, don’t overlook the not-so-humble salad.

The trick with a winter salad is to choose heartier, seasonal ingredients that you can mix with leftover meats, roasted veg, grains, beans or pulses, turning a salad from a summer side into the main event. 

Read on to discover some of our favourite winter salad ideas, guaranteed to brighten up even the dullest winter’s day.

The secret ingredient is always cheese

There are two types of people in this world. Those who like cheese and, well, let’s not bother with the others (only joking!) But cheese is a great addition to a winter salad, delivering flavour, texture and well, cheese. So why not try?

  • Tossing apples, almonds, blue cheese, shallots and cranberries in a balsamic glaze and serving on a bed of fresh kale to make a perfectly balanced sweet and salty salad.  
  • Grilling halloumi and combining with warm roasted veggies and lentils in Jamie Oliver’s hearty winter salad. Or how about combining halloumi with protein-rich quinoa, onion and roasted peppers? 
  • Mixing beetroot, spicy chorizo and pears to make a salad ideal for sharing with friends. Vegans can skip the manchego cheese.
  • Making Nigella’s colourful radicchio, chestnut and blue cheese salad (substitute walnuts for the chestnuts if you prefer). 

The best winter salad ever?

It’s a big call but this potato salad has just about everything we’re looking for in a winter salad. There are roasted potatoes and Brussels sprouts, toasted almonds and crunchy kale (and even a little crumbled blue cheese for the win). Paprika-tossed potatoes combined with chickpeas, red onion and hard-boiled eggs is also pretty fine. 

Give me some warm winter salad ideas

Of course, in the middle of winter, sometimes only a hot dish will suffice. Luckily there are plenty of warm winter salads to tickle the taste buds. 

  • This roasted vegetable winter salad with potato, pumpkin, carrot and parsnip is healthy comfort food. Leave out the feta for a vegan version or add some grilled chicken, salmon or chickpeas for an extra protein boost. 
  • Roasted cauliflower is the star of this warm winter salad which is topped with fresh spinach, drizzled with tahini sauce and sprinkled with fresh dill and Egyptian dukkah.
  • A lovely combination of fresh and filling, this eggplant kasundi warm rice salad delivers a spicy punch.  

Where can I buy around Chatswood?

For pulses and seeds, head to Horn of Plenty. For everything else, go to Woolies (there’s a Woolworths Metro at Chatswood Interchange). And if you’re short on time or inclination (or perhaps both), outsource your winter salad making to the folks at Stone & Peel by choosing from their extensive range of healthy and delicious salad options.