All Aboard The Sushi Train

13 September, 2019

Choo choo! All aboard the sushi train. Grab your travelling hat and jump on board to learn about the fabulous sushi train. When you’ve got a group of friends all wanting to go out for a feed but you’re all stuck arguing about where to go, just shout out CHOO CHOO! They’ll definitely pay attention to you and possibly look at you weird but just mention
sushi train. Watch their eyes light up and smiles swipe across their faces. Sushi train is one of the best places to bring a group. It’s not just about eating your food; you get to see everything drive past on the train tracks before you make your choice. But get in quick, if you miss it the first time, someone on the other side might snatch it up before it has a chance to come around again. You can even request a dish from the chef you’ve spotted but has been taken. The kids can even get involved with grabbing their own dish off the train, it’s that simple!

It’s perfect because you know how much you’re going to spend by the colour of your plate. Simple and satisfying. From sushi rolls to sashimi and seaweed; sushi train has it all. Let’s start with your typical sushi roll. The simple sushi comes with nori on the outside or go for the ‘naked’ sushi where the rice is meticulously rolled around the filling to
give it the naked rice look. Move on to some teriyaki chicken for a delicious protein fix. Filling and flat out yummy. You’ve also got your choice of sashimi with or without rice to tempt your tastebuds and sushi train even offers scrumptious desserts driving around the tracks.One of our favourite parts about sushi train is that you can order off a menu as well as picking your meal off the train. So, pull up a pew and park your bum for some weird and wonderful sushi train.