All Things Weird & Wonderful To Try At The Asian Grocery Store

5 July, 2019

Standing in the middle of an isle in the Asian grocery store scratching your head? Yup, we’ve been there too. Where packaging is usually written in a foreign language and produce comes in odd shapes with intriguing smells, its not a wonder why a trip to the Asian grocery store can be a little overwhelming to begin with.
Never fear because we’ve decoded, tried and tested some of these weird and wonderful products and they aren’t as ‘out there’ as they may seem. Promise!

Sure it may sound like a sneeze but these little flakes are seriously delicious! Katsuobushi or Bonito Flakes are a Japanese garnish / condiment that’s basically dried, fermented and smoked skipjack tuna. These lovely little flakes make for an awesome sprinkle to add flavour to your favourite Asian dishes. Think sweet, salty and seriously yummy.

Fish Sauce
Ok so this sauce is quite pungent but don’t let the smell put you off. Fish sauce adds depth and layers to Asian dishes and is a staple seasoning in many Asian cuisines. Fish sauce creates a 5th element effect aka Umami flavour and is not only used in dishes but it’s used in dipping sauces also. Just a few splashes are usually all that’s required to liven up a dish and we guarantee its not as freaky as it sounds.

Kewpie Mayonnaise
Mayonnaise is a very popular condiment choice, and kewpie mayo is no exception. This creamy concoction is much sweeter than regular mayo and it will have you wanting to slather it on anything and everything after your first taste. With its adorable chubby baby logo, this Japanese mayo ticks all the delicious boxes and is a must have to keep in your fridge.

Golden Curry Blocks
Golden curry is of the Japanese decent and is usually packed in small boxes. Upon opening, you may be stunned to see a block of what looks like little bricks of stock but this is simply for ease of use and once dissolved in a pan, golden curry is a super easy and quick curry to whip up in a matter of minutes. Unlike its Indian counterpart, this curry is thicker in texture and is sweeter and less spicy than other curries. Add pork or beef, potatoes and carrots and you’ll have yourself a gorgeous golden curry perfect for a winters meal.

Basically it’s the Cantonese name for ‘Chinese sausage’. Typically we don’t often see sausages in freeze dried packaging, but this is simply to preserve these little beauties. Red in colour, these dried sausages are gloriously sweet and are usually smoked and sweetened with rose water, rice wine and soy sauce. Dice them up and pop them in a friend rice for an added element of deliciousness.

Rousong (AKA. Pork Floss)
An odd name we must admit, but actually it is exactly what it sounds like. Pork shredded into ‘fairy floss’ like consistency is a super popular Chinese snack food. This dried meat products has a light fluffy texture and is the perfect sweet yet savory topping for congee and is also a yummy filling for various buns and pastries. Grab a bag today and try this unique snack food on the run or in your next Chinese dish.

Mochi is a Japanese rice cake in which the glutinous rice has been pounded into a paste form and moulded into shape and is a popular sweet treat traditionally consumed on days of Japanese celebration such as ‘Children’s Day’ and ‘Spring Time’. Mochi is slightly chewy yet super soft inside and has a unique sweet flavour that will be a hit for dessert at your next dinner party

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