Are leftovers the new Sunday roast?

23 April, 2021

Create something delicious and reduce food waste

A Sunday roast is great and can provide a real highlight to the week. But every week? We get it – some Sundays, you need to create something out of nothing. The weekend has been hectic, shopping day is tomorrow and you just don’t have the energy to whip up a huge roast dinner for the family, let alone wash the dishes afterwards.

Luckily, in the fridge, you are likely to have the makings of an incredible feast that will delight the hungry beasts that will prowl to your kitchen come dinner time. The leftovers!

How to cook your leftovers

If you have eggs in the house, you have the makings of a meal. Use this frittata recipe as a guide or go freehand and create your own. You can add mushrooms, roast veggies, herbs and spices to create a wholesome and satisfying meal. 

Making a huge pot of soup is another way to use up the bits and pieces that haven’t been eaten during the week. As long as you have water and stock powder, cubes or paste, you’re on your way. An onion and a tin of tomatoes forms this base of a nutritious soup. Simmer carrots, celery, beans, fresh herbs and even pasta, in a pot until the flavour infuses and you have a delicious steaming bowl of goodness. Add some grated cheese or buttered toast and dinner is served. 

If all else fails, a toasted cheese sandwich, loaded with grilled vegetables, olives, mushrooms and any other leftovers you can find, is a very acceptable meal.

What is Stop Food Waste Day?

Food waste is a big problem. How big? Well, according to the Australian Government’s Department of Agriculture, Water and the Environment, about a third of the food produced in the world is wasted. In Australia our food waste of 7.3 million tonnes accounts for more than 5% of our greenhouse gas emissions and costs us about $20 billion each year. Yikes.

April 28 is the day for raising awareness about this issue. Across the world, chefs and foodies will take the pledge on the Stop Food Waste website. They’ll commit to drawing attention to this issue and reducing their personal food waste. You can join in too!

Plan to save

The best way to avoid food waste is to plan your meals carefully, then stick to your plan. If you sign in to the Woolworths website you will find meal planners to help you. Order online or click and collect so that you shop mindfully and buy only what you need. 

Just planning ahead can make a big difference to your shopping habits. Stock up on containers at Zap Variety so you can divide and store food for each meal. Then all you’ll have to do is grab it and cook. You don’t need a meal service to make you stick to your plan. Freeze your leftovers in containers and commit to eating them later in the week.

Deciding that Sunday is leftovers day gives you a chance to encourage your family to cook for themselves. Make a tapas style dinner picnic out of everything in sight and you will feel virtuous and efficient in the knowledge you are doing your bit to help prevent food waste.