Bagel Lovers Rejoice!

26 July, 2019

What’s round and has a hole in it and comes from Krispy Kreme? We bet you said a doughnut. You’d be wrong. Well, you are kind of right, they do have doughnuts but we’re trying to tell you they now also have bagels!! Rejoice!

When the sun rises, you’re dressed and on your commute to work, you walk by and get a whiff of fresh Krispy Kreme goodness. You peer in and think ‘is it too early to treat myself?’ Hell no, my friend. Treat yourself to a heavenly bagel, made fresh to order. Your day just got a hole lot better. HA, get it?

When we think of Krispy Kreme, our tastebuds instantly think of sweet and sugary deliciousness, but they’ve really nailed it on the head with their range of savoury bagel options. You can’t try a bagel without trying it the traditional way with cream cheese. They has you covered. They’ve also got smashed avocado bagel. And all the millennials rejoiced.
Quick and easy to grab on the way to work or as a quick bite for lunch before you get back your desk for your dead line.

The classic ham and cheese bagel is not only delicious, it also brings us back to our childhood with its simplicity. Ham and cheese is the bees knees and add a fluffy, glazed bagel and you’ve got salivation plus. Name a more iconic duo, we’ll wait.

If you’re feeling a little more adventurous with your food intake, try out the smoked salmon or a chicken and avocado bagel. A little more filling, this bagel is perfect to fill your tum and keep you happy all afternoon. And then eat that glazed doughnut we all know you bought as well.

Bagel’s at Krispy Kreme, every savoury lover’s dream. Get down today and pop one in your gob.