Be prepared- Back to school Basics

22 January, 2020

Summer is coming to an end and all the parents are jumping for joy as it’s back to school time. It’s been a long summer break and we’ve had so much fun playing in the sunshine, however, getting back to routine is soothing to any parents ears. But before the kids get back to school, we need to get to the shops and check off the stationary list. After the hustle and bustle of Christmas and New Years, we’re a little tired but well relaxed after some much needed time off work. We’re excited for the year ahead and looking forward to seeing who our kids new teacher is.

Once you get the list (or multiple lists) the best thing you can do is to plan ahead. Getting in early is your best bet to getting everything done in one trip at Woolworths. Your one stop shop for all your school needs. They’ve got pencil cases galore with pencils and pens to snatch up too. But it’s not just about stationary, you can grab lunchboxes and water bottles for a steal.

Let’s start with the basics. Kids need to eat and drink water. Woolworths have array of water bottles and lunchboxes for your kids to choose from. You can pick up a Sistema cooler maxi fold up lunch box for $10. With insulation to keep the kids lunches fresh throughout the whole day, you’ll happily pack lunches each morning, knowing nothing is going to go funky. A good water bottle is super important at school. You know their bag gets thrown around and if you’ve got a strong metal insulated drink bottle, you know it will last the distance. Woolies have a decor double wall insulated bullet bottle for $19.99. It’s going to last you all year, just make sure to put their name on it so you can find it in lost property.

You know you’ve hit prime adulthood if stationary shopping gets you excited. We thrive on it and can’t wait to hit the shops with our lists. With Uhu glue sticks for $3.70, Artline 200 pen fine 0.4 4 pack for $10 and Bic kids crayons turn and colour 12 pack for only $4, you’ll be able to complete your shopping with time and money to spare.

Go treat yourself a coffee at The Steam Engine. You can also order online and come and collect in store with their click and collect option! Sit in the comfort of your lounge room after the kids have gone to bed, with a wine in your hand, while you click away and choose your pick up time. Leisurely walk in and collect your goodies.

It’s super easy and convenient with everything in one spot. Thank you Woolworths, you complete us.