Beautiful Bunches Of Broccoli

11 October, 2019

Ok, so while it may not have the best rep with kids, we think broccoli is the best! Kids don’t seem to like it for its unique flavour and texture, not to mention that it’s a
green veggie… *kids hate them* but it’s safe to say that broccoli has definitely grown on us over the years and we’re adding it into more and more dishes in new creative
ways! Once poked and prodded by our little forks and rolled around our dinner plates, broccoli has gone from the humble steamed green ‘trees’ we used to fight our parents over serving us and evolved into a some-what sophisticated vegetable that we can’t get enough of especially this time of year where many varieties are in season.

You can steam it, boil it, BBQ it and braised it… the ways to cook (or serve) this vitamin packed veggie are endless… and the varieties of broccoli are almost just as diverse! Part of the cabbage family, you can eat almost every part of broccoli making it a low waste vegetable. Win! Here are a few of our faves.

Looking like short stubby little green tree’s with a pompom-like appearance up the top, this type is perfect for adding to salads or serving as a side dish as it holds it
shape well. Being more on the robust side, they are perfect little mops for sopping up sauces and juices and are commonly used in curries and the like.

Looks like a relative to the asparagus with its long but robust stems. It has smaller and softer heads than traditional broccoli and its taste is quite a bit sweeter. In fact,
broccolini is actually a hybrid and only first grew in 1993! We love it sautéed in a pan of garlic and butter or quickly grilled on the BBQ to bring out its nutty flavour.

Chinese Broccoli
You guessed it, this green broccoli member is commonly eaten in many Chinese dishes and have soft flat leaves and long stems. The leaves easily wilt and cook quickly making them perfect for stir-fries and brothy soups where little cooking and heat is required.

Romanesco Broccoli
Looking quite prehistoric with its spikey armadillo-like texture, Romanesco Broccoli has a much brighter lime green colouring than its darker siblings and packs quite a
crunch. Its exotic looking clusters make for a wow factor when adding it to a salad. A quirky vegetable with a cool colour pop!

Fight the stigma and help broccoli gain the delicious title it deserves! Try a beautiful broccoli packed dish over at 1Ton and see for yourself just how scrumptious broccoli
can be!