Bento is the new ‘Buffet’

13 June, 2019

That annoying moment when its almost your lunch break, you’re getting hangry but can’t decide what to eat and you don’t have time to wander around deciding – We’ve all been there.

Well, good news is bento is about to become your new BFF!

Bento is a Japanese cuisine that is literally a box of perfect little portions of goodness ready to be inhaled and will make you feel like you’ve got your life together because , balance right?

The word bento (borrowed from China) literally translates as ‘convenient’ or ‘useful thing and that is quite literally what bento is. Not only is bento a mini buffet of deliciousness, but because its boxed up fresh and ready to eat it’s the ideal work break lunch you’ve been searching for!

Bento boxes usually contain rice or noodles, a protein such as fish or chicken and some sort of pickle or other side snack and because the contents are boxed in sections, you can pick and choose your flavour combo with each unique bite.

Not only is bento incredibly convenient, it’s a healthy option that gives you choices within your chosen box!

Bento boxes are indeed simple and convenient however there are dedicated bento lovers that actually turn their food into works of art using various ingredients to create mini ‘scenes’ made from food and is actually a way of the ‘creator’ being able to communicate with their ‘consumer’! The art of bento brings a whole new meaning to the phrase ‘playing with your food’ and those who create these delicious diorama-like lunches truly have the patience of a saint. The good folk at Makoto Bento serve the most tantalising bento variations, the choices will make you want to eat there every day, from mini udon soups to oysters you’ll be sure to find one (or all) that will suit your tasebuds!

While to most parents, the idea of sending our kids to school with a homemade and carefully crafted fun bento box is laughable, there are those out there who actually make a living out of these time consuming creations by posting their works of art online!

Unfortunately for us (and for our kids) making a sandwich and throwing an apple in their lunchboxes is about as creative as we ever intend to get, but hey, hats off to the bento bad-asses out there that enjoy turning rice and seaweed into sweet little panda faces for their kids to discover upon opening (although god help you if you’ve ever slept through your alarm and are running late for school drop is all we can say!)

Wanting bento with a twist? Lui’s Kitchen serve a variety of Taiwanese dishes presented in bento box style!