Best Summer Foods To Eat At Your Desk

29 November, 2019

In the last few months of each year, we sit at our desk, saving all of our pennies for Christmas. Eating out becomes a distant memory as we gear up for a couple of weeks off over the break. But, lunches don’t have to be boring. Can you still have your cake and it too? We say yes!

Summer in Australia is the best time of year. The cicada’s are chirping, the prosecco is waiting at home on ice and your appetite changes from warm comfort food to refreshingly cold snacks throughout the day. Lunch time doesn’t have to be traditionally at noon and if you’re keen on going for a quiet beer at lunch time instead of eating, snacking at your desk during the work day can be the perfect solution.

Acai bowls have been all the rage over the past few summers and with the weather warming up, a refreshingly cold bowl of whizzed up acai berries with coconut water and seasonal fruit is our favourite go to in the heat. Nourish your soul with one from Stone and Peel, along with a freshly made juice for optimum cool down.

When the Celsius starts rising we crave light food that doesn’t sit heavy in our bellies. We need exhilarating cool food. Look no further than Saigon Rolls. Although famous for their incredible Vietnamese beef pho, they also create insatiable rice paper rolls and Vietnamese salads. Starting from $7 your wallet will be as happy as your tummy.

Berry berry good! As the weather warms, bite sized fruits flourish! Cherries, strawberries, raspberries, blueberries – ALL THE BERRIES ripe for the picking (from your local green grocer or Woolies). Grab some punnets and enjoy these sweet bite sized snacks.

Another summer fave is sushi. We LOVE sushi when the weather turns up the heat and you’ve got two choices within the Interchange, Akira Sushi and Sushi World. And if you’re just looking for an epic snack you can store in your desk draw, dried fruit is both delicious and nutritious. Dehydrated fruit is the perfect bite to pop in your gob while you’re browsing facebook at your desk, pretending to work. Grab a bagfull from Horn of Plenty and enjoy!