Beyond Lattes: Here’s Why Coffee in 2019 Ain’t What it Used to Be

3 December, 2018

If you’d fallen into a deep sleep back five years ago and just now awoken, many things would cause you to gasp. This includes the coffee landscape, which now has so many spin-off varieties it’s hard to keep up with what’s what. Forget the turmeric latte – here’s how your daily caffeine habit is changing and what to sample in 2019.

1. Bubble coffee

Why does bubble tea get all the attention? Melbourne-based Industry Beans sells cold drip, vanilla consoy (condensed and soy milks) and coffee tapioca pearls.

2. Mushroom coffee

Superfood fiends will already be familiar with the health benefits of mushrooms: support of one’s daily immune function, energy boosting, and focus. You can order sachets online that are stirred into hot water, as you would instant soup. (Relax, it tastes like coffee – not mushrooms.)

3. Cold brew

Cold brew is no doubt more ubiquitous in the warmer months and is made by steeping ground coffee in cold water, then straining. This method cuts the acidity, making it smoother to drink. It’s also immensely refreshing and perfect with a wedge of orange. A variation on this is adding sparkling water over still.

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4. RTD coffees

Melbourne company First Press Coffee makes single origin bottled cold drip. Startups Rushmore and Mana are onto a similar game.

5. Café au lait bowls

Exuding a kind of farmhouse charm, these porcelain bowls have crept out of their native France and into coffee houses worldwide. They also double as ice-cream, cereal or soup bowls, if you want to extend their use.

6. Nitro coffee

Sure, it sounds painfully hip, but what does it mean? This is cold brewed coffee infused with nitrogen gas, which affects both its taste and texture, tending to the thick and creamy side. It’s served on tap and enjoyed cold.

7. Milk alternatives

Brace yourselves for even more non-dairy milk options (oat, coconut, rice, hazelnut, macadamia, hemp milks).

8. Espresso tonic over ice

While coffee and tonic might seem like an odd couple, specialty coffee shops have been offering this effervescent and refreshing beverage.