Beyond the business crowd: Private dining with family and friends

14 May, 2021

Where to enjoy private dining around Chatswood and beyond

Private dining has been popular for years with the business crowd. It’s a perfect option for entertaining valued clients, team celebrations, product launches, media events and so much more.

But it’s not just business events that are ideally suited to private dining room bookings. Many individuals are searching for restaurants with private dining rooms as the perfect venue to hold intimate parties, family celebrations, bridal showers, birthday dinners and so much more. It’s a great way to gather your nearest and dearest together without as many worries about mixing with crowds, but also outside of your own home. You get the best of both worlds: amazing restaurant food, drinks and service, combined with the intimacy of a private event!

What do you get with a private dining room booking?

Private dining is a convenient option for entertaining a group. Typically, most venues with a private dining room will offer a group dining package, with a set meal or banquet. You can also opt for a drinks package. This can give you certainty on your costs with no bill shock at the end of the night. Other venues might offer a set menu for food and a cash bar that you can monitor over the course of your event.

Obviously, the big benefit of private dining is the dedicated space for your event. This means you can often decorate the room as suits your event, or take advantage of the existing styling the venue offers. Some venues can also offer audio-visual equipment, which is fantastic if your event includes some kind of speeches or other presentation.

Finally, unlike having a party at home, at the end of your event you can just get up and go. There’s no spending hours after your dinner cleaning up and running the dishwasher through 27 cycles to get all the plates clean again. (OK, maybe not 27 cycles but that’s what it can feel like sometimes!)

Where offers private dining around Chatswood?

If you want private dining in Chatswood, a great option is China Chilli, located at The District above Chatswood Interchange. Memory Tongue and Lilong by Taste of Shanghai offers private dining too.

Further afield, you can opt for venues with stunning Sydney Harbour views like Aria, Quay and Otto. Each has private dining spaces suitable for a range of events. For something totally different, SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium can offer private dining right by tanks filled with stunning marine life too.

If you’re more into a beachside aspect, Sydney’s got plenty of options for that too. You can head over the bridge to Bondi to enjoy Icebergs Dining Room and Bar, take a short drive to Balmoral to dine at Bathers’ Pavilion, or head to Pilu at Freshwater Beach.