Breadtop – The Best Thing Since Sliced Bread

21 June, 2019

Bread is life. Bread is what brings us together. Bread is literally one of the most consumed foods globally and it’s no guessing why. Bread comes in hundreds of different forms, flavours and textures and we L.O.V.E the stuff! Yes, the good ol sausage sanga should be mentioned in our Aussie national anthem in our humble opinions.

But lets get down to the crust of the matter here. *get ready for the puns peeps*

Look, we don’t mean to get a rise out of you (pardon the pun) but bread has evolved over the years and the discovery of Breadtop has us wanting to spread (punning again, sorry) the word far and wide that it is one of the best and most versatile bakery’s we’ve tried!

Honestly it’s a bakery that does it all from lavish celebration cakes to deliciously sweet but savoury bready bites that are all totally drool worthy.

Breadtop was derived from a similar bakery chain which originated in China, however Breadtop was actually born and bread (*chants: ‘must stop punning!”*) right here in Australia! Now with over 70 stores nationwide we know why it’s become such a fast growing and popular franchise!

At Breadtop you’ll find that these master bakers are often going against the grain (don’t say we didn’t warn you) by creating new and exciting doughy delights!

Here are our top 3 Breadtop beauties that you won’t be able to resist!

Mini Hokkaido Cake

Think of the fluffiest most delicious cupcake you’ve ever eaten and then imagine it was made from actual clouds fairy dust and unicorn tears… that’s what a Hokkaido cake tastes like – pure heaven. These glorious cakes are made with Hokkaido milk which is uniquely fresh, creamy and light as a feather.

Pork Floss Bun

Pork floss is like the savoury yet still sweet version of fairly floss. These deliciously doughy buns are topped with microfine pork floss shavings that bring a nutty element while still maintaining its sweet side and is finished with a touch of homemade mayonnaise.


Puppy Chocolate Cake

Taking cuteness to a whole new level, you’ll never be stranded without an impressive kids birthday cake again. This adorable ‘puppy’ cake is a beautifully baked chocolate cake that will dazzle and delight the kids and have you hailed hero in the ‘ school mum squad’. This cake is adorable, affordable, delicious and totes Insta worthy!

Head on over to Breadtop at Chatswood Interchange and work your way through their entire moreish menu!