Bringing a world of soups to your table

11 June, 2021

Bowl full of soul

As the winter weather comes sneaking in, our thoughts easily turn to warm, hearty bowls of steaming soups. Soups to nourish and sustain us until we can once again bask in the warm glow of a summer sun. And we’re not the only ones. All around the world, soups have long been a delicious and affordable way to feed our families.

Oodles of noodle soup

Is there anything more satisfying than a bowl of soup swimming with noodles? Thick, thin, wholemeal, hand pulled. Whatever the noodles, we’re here for it. 

Get your slurp on at 1Ton where ‘the noodles and wontons reign supreme.’ And if you like it spicy, add some of their homemade chili to your soup for an instant kick of heat. For a spicy laksa, look no further than Ya Malaysia. Just add your favourite protein for a soup to warm up even the coldest Sydney night. 

Chinese hotpot

Do you want to know a secret?

Memory Tongue offers soups based on a secret 100 year old recipe that’s found its way into Australia and now, your tummy! Combining more than a dozen ingredients and spices, the perfect hotpot broth is created. But it’s not for the faint hearted as the website tells us the broth is ‘slightly numbing and moderately spicy’. Just choose your own ingredients and you can cook at your table. There’s even a handy How to eat hotpot guide.

Soups from across the globe

In Europe, the most soulful soups are made from recipes handed down through the generations. In France, an onion soup recipe is a coveted family heirloom while in seaside towns and villages, it’s the seafood bouillabaisse

In Italy, it’s the minestrone, which literally means ‘big soup and in India, a great big bowl of mulligatawny soup tastes even better next day for lunch. 

Over the seas in Scotland, a Scotch broth is made by blending meat and vegetable flavours. Well known as a way to use up the leftovers, but in a life affirming manner.

But the chunkiest and heartiest of all the soups must be the Hungarian goulash. I mean, it even sounds hearty, filling and delicious.

Across the Pacific, why not try one of the ultimate in American comfort foods – an authentic New Orleans gumbo. Chock full of meat and veggies, it’s served on a bed of rice.

You can make any of these soups at home by picking up your ingredients from Horn of Plenty, Asian City or Woolworths . And let’s face it, shopping at Woolies is super easy when you can fill your cart with all your recipe ingredients with a quick click (and even have home delivery).