Butter Me Up – delicious spreads that are dairy free!

31 January, 2020

‘Betty brought some butter, but the butter was bitter, so Betty brought some better butter to make the bitter butter better!’

Well Betty, look no further Hun, because we have found some new beautiful butters that are melt-in-your-mouth delicious and are totally worth trying. A warm crusty piece of toast piled with lashings of creamy butter is our idea of simple yet satisfyingly delicious heaven on a plate, right!? While you may know of one or two types of butter, there is a whole buttery world out there just waiting to be explored.

But what came first.. the bread or the butter? Its not hard to see why butter is as old as western civilisation.. from being used for medicinal purposes in ancient Rome which was supposedly used to treat coughs (swallowed) and aching bones, to being mentioned in The Bible as a food of celebration brought down to earth by visiting angels (totally believable right?).. butter has been around since the beginning and we can see why its stood the test of time and has spread far and wide across the globe (see what we did there).

However, in more recent times of the #instamodel, Butter has had its fair share of shaming due to its fat content, and some of us have even been guilty of swapping butter for more synthetic alternatives such as margarine (ick), however everything in moderation is key and a little of the real stuff is fine in its full fat form (just don’t go OTT- we know its hard!). Here are some of our favourite butters that have come on the market and each is just as delicious as the next. Behold,  5 unique butter sensations you simply have to try, because well… butter.. is… life. #duh

Macadamia Butter
Macadamia butter is yummy, versatile and healthy! Macadamias contain protein, are high in fibre, vitamin E and are rich in ‘good fats’. This delish spread has a beautiful creamy and nutty flavour, and can be used in a variety of dishes and snacks.

Hazelnut Butter
Are you one of the unfortunate souls who have peanut allergies? Never fear because hazelnut butter is a great alternative! Its low in carbs and high in fat making it a great option for those following the Keto diet.

Pistachio butter
They’re gorgeously green when ground up and have a mild and sweet flavour to them. Pistachio butter contains roughly the same amount of calories as peanut butter as well as a similar amount of protein. Pistachio butter is a great source of potassium, so if you need an electrolyte boost- this creamy green hued butter is for you!

Chickpea Butter
Chickpea butter makes for a protein packed butter that not only tastes yummy but is good for you too! With a similar flavour to oven roasted chickpeas, this butter is totally snack worthy on a crunchy piece of celery. BEWARE:  Once tried, you’ll want more than just one helping-trust us!

Watermelon Seed Butter
Yep, you heard right. Watermelon Seed butter is totally a thing and we’re all for it. Made from the inside of crushed watermelon seeds, this hip new spread is smooth and velvety in consistency and is packed with protein, magnesium, vitamin B and monosaturated fats.