Calm the kitchen cupboard chaos

22 May, 2020

Tips to organise your pantry

Everyone’s spending a lot more time at home lately, and that can mean you’ve finally got the time for some of those jobs around the house that you’ve been putting off. Organising your pantry is one of those jobs that will reap rewards in a short amount of time. Once you get your kitchen cupboards sorted, you’ll find yourself saving money at the supermarket (because you’re not buying yet another jar of ground cinnamon when you’ve already got three jars opened at home). It also makes it easier to put together meals with less thought because you know what you’ve got and what needs using up. Getting your kitchen pantry storage sorted is a perfect weekend job when you’re hanging around the house. Here’s some tips to help you reach domestic bliss.

Clean out and stocktake

First of all, you need to know what you’ve got. This means emptying out the cupboards. Yes, everything. Once you’ve got everything out of the cupboards, you need to check what’s out of date, what’s been infiltrated by pantry moths and what you’re just never going to use. If there’s food that’s still in date but you’re never going to use it, check if there’s a food bank or charity near you that will take donations.

Decant and stack

Now that you know what you’ve got, it’s time to have a think about how to more effectively store your foods. What jars and containers do you have? What do you need? Clear containers are your friend, so you can easily see what you’ve got and how much. Even better are containers that can neatly stack. You don’t have to spend a lot on containers. Reuse jars or check out stores like Japan Home Centre and Zap Variety for low-cost storage solutions. Zoning similar items together also makes sense. Keep breakfast cereals together; bundle your carb-based sides like pasta, rice and quinoa; collect your spices in a basket; dedicate a shelf or area to snacks; and the list goes on.

It’s also a good idea to use your shelves smartly. Put things you use more frequently at eye- level and stuff you rarely need on the higher shelves that aren’t within arm’s reach. Think about what you like to cook and how you can organise your pantry so that it works for YOU.

Fill in the gaps

Now that your pantry is sorted and everything is put away in clear containers, it should be easy to see what’s missing. Take a look at our article on pantry essentials to make a shopping list. Staying on top of what’s in your pantry is a great way to keep your food budget under control and makes it easier to plan healthy, delicious meals. Once you’ve got your pantry sorted, you might even like to tackle the fridge and freezer. Who knows what you might find lurking in their depths!