Chatswood’s best dumplings at your place? It just might be possible

11 September, 2020

Make your own dumplings

For many Sydneysiders, Chatswood is the go-to destination when nothing but dumplings is going to do. And hey, who can blame them? There’s some world-class dumplings available in Chatswood including Lilong by Taste of Shanghai, The Dumpling House and so many more. But what about if you’re feeling a bit adventurous in the kitchen? Maybe you want to impress your bae with some bao. Making your own dumplings is actually a fun, satisfying, and of course, super yummy way to test your kitchen skills.

What are you going to need?

First of all, you’re going to need to make your dumpling dough (or not – see next section!). The ingredients are simple, just plain flour and water, making a flexible wrapper whether you’re wanting to make Chinese jiaozi, Korean mandu, Nepali momo or Japanese gyoza. For the method, check out this recipe from Chowhound. Or for har gow dumpling dough, using wheat and tapioca starch, salt, water and oil, try this recipe.

Then, it’s all about the filling. There’s so many directions you can take it, with some ideas including:

Of course, you’re also going to need some kitchen kit. Depending on whether you’re doing boiled, steamed or potsticker dumplings, this will probably be a saucepan, a steamer basket and a frypan with a lid.

And finally, you could live on dumplings alone, but it’s probably best to have some sides. We recommend having a dipping sauce and a serve of steamed Asian greens to go with your lovely little dumplings.

Not quite up for making your own dumpling wrappers?

OK, so maybe you want to make your own dumplings but making the wrapping is a step too far. We hear you. And we say there’s absolutely nothing wrong with taking a little short cut and buying pre-made wonton wrappers to make your dumplings. You’re still going to be making the delicious filling, still got the challenge of sealing them and practising your fancy folds, and not least of all, you still get the unsurpassed pleasure of eating some damn fine dumplings. (And if you really want that dumpling fix without leaving your house? Next time you’re at the supermarket or Asian City, grab a pack of pre-made dumplings to stash in your freezer. They might not be restaurant grade, but they’re pretty good and will satisfy that “must have dumplings now” craving.)