We’ve found Chatswood’s Ultimate Italian Grazing Board

18 October, 2019

Grazing boards are quite on trend at the moment. Scroll through your Instagram feed right now, you’re bound to scroll past a few boards with strategically placed cheeses and various meats. Who wouldn’t double tap a picture of various meats!

What Are Grazing Boards?
Grazing boards are exactly what they sound like. A board, usually a beautifully hand-crafted, unique one, with a bunch of cheese, meats, fruits and breads, to graze. These are the perfect idea for parties as it gives your guests so many options on one simple board. The best part, you can throw whatever you like
on the board.

Stretch Italian have possibly the most amazing grazing boards we’ve laid our eyes on. They have gone above and beyond with the option to choose between how many tiers of cheese and meat you want. Looks like our food prayers have been answered. 1 tier will set you back $21.50 and will light your dreams on fire. Stretch don’t skim on your grazing toppings either; they use elite cured meats and cheese. Prosciutto, bresaola, mild sopressa milano and pepper & fennel sopressa for the cured meats; and pecorino, gorgonzola and taleggio for the cheese. Have we died and gone to cheese heaven? This is no ordinary ‘meat and cheese’ platter, this is the Godfather of the platter universe. Add an extra tier and you’re up for $30, with tier 3 being the largest at $39.50. Build your own grazing board by choosing what you want on each tier.

Now, we’d like to be able to tell you how many people each tier feeds but it really all depends on how hungry you all are. There’s no doubt we could eat
tier 1 by ourselves after a long work day with a glass of vino in hand. The first time we laid our eyes upon this grazing delight, we were speechless. The longer you look at it, the more you notice and the more your eyes light up and your stomach smiles.