Citrusy goodness – using citrus this Spring

18 October, 2019

Oranges, lemons, limes are all in season and we have all the juicy goss on how best to use our sunshiny fruity friends. Citrus is such an important component in so many dishes whether its used as a juice, a dash of zest or as a garnish. It’s flavoursome yet sour properties can literally lift a dish onto next level deliciousness – and a little often goes a long way! Even a glass of water can be totally transformed by simply adding a small wedge of lemon or lime. Our appreciation for these sour spheres is often shown in everyday cooking – think about it, even the simplest mayonnaise would be greatly disappointing without that final squeeze of lemon juice. And don’t even start us on imagining a mojito without its best buddy, the lime!

Citrus is cunningly good at cutting through fats and oils, making it perfect to use in salad dressings and finishing sauces. Adding a burst of freshness with its sour and acidic tones, various forms of citrus are commonly used to balance a dish and bring out optimum flavour. But be warned, cooking with dairy can be a bit tricky when trying to insert some citrus into a dish as the acidity can cause creams to curdle, however, this is often when zest is usually best to achieve flavour layers without the risk of a lumpy mess. And, always remember no one wants to crunch down on a lemon pip in their dish, be sure to remove the pips when squeezing.

Who doesn’t love an ice cold freshly squeezed OJ to wake up our tastebuds and delight our senses in the morning. Citrus, particularly oranges are renowned for their high potency of vitamin C, making these fruits ideal for keeping immunity up and bugs at bay. Citrus adds zing to a dish, waking up your tastebuds with sweet and sour notes but that’s not all, slices of dried lemons and limes make for stunning garnishes on top of dishes and drinks. These little window-like circles with in pretty starlike patterns inside are perfect when placed on top of a cocktail for ultimate wow factor. It’s no wonder why citrus inspired menus are popular with chefs come this time of the year, as they’re in season and so versatile. General Chao’s new Gin Martini menu features many of their drinks with a twist of citrus, and we couldn’t think of a tastier way to enjoy the taste! So go on, put a little sunshine on your taste buds this spring with all things citrus-ly good.