Cocktails Shaken and Stirred

10 May, 2019

They’re pretty, they’re alcoholic and they’re best served with great company and a cute pair of heels.

Cocktails have certainly evolved over the years and if you’ve witnessed cocktail making in action, it can be incredibly fascinating to watch. ‘Mixologists’ are the masters when it comes to cocktail creations and these the wizard-like Harry Potters of our time who conjure up these concoctions promise spectacular spell-binding sips. And its not just the liquid love that lures us in, but it’s the amazing garnishes that are used to dazzle our senses.

Garnish is trending big time! Not only are garnishes used to make our potions look pretty but some actually infuse our cocktails adding unique layers of flavours that tease the tastebuds and have us guessing what the secret ingredient is in these magical mixes.


Gone are the days where a humble wedge of lime rested on the side of our glass. Now, garnishes can be anything from beautiful dried fruits to fairy floss! Note- Rose petals are NOT edible and we may or may not have discovered this the hard way *facepalm

Whatever your chosen potion, cocktails make us feel fabulous and fancy!


Which of these Sex and the City personalities match your perfect cocktail blend?


You’re totally the Carrie Bradshaw of the group

You’re a mix of sassy, sweet and sexy. With your creative flare and unique style you’re not afraid to try new things but just like your besties have your back, you find comfort in a classic cocktail that you know wont ever let you down.

And while your fav is a Cosmopolitan, an ‘Eastside’ made with gin, lime juice, mint and cucumber would be a close contender for the Carrie Bradshaw type.


Samantha is your spirit animal

You’re wild, daring, sexy and strong and you’re always up for trying anything (and everything) at least once. You’re OTT and you own it! You crave a cocktail that is just as  fabulous as you are!

A ‘Just A Dashi’ cocktail is the perfect boozy blend that will tantalise and tease you with its dashi infused bourbon kick with of absinth to bring out the rebel in you.


You’re more of a ‘Miranda’

You’re way too busy to deal with faffing around and frilly and fussy aren’t your forte. You’re a bit of a self-confessed control freak who prefers simple over unnecessary ‘fluff’ any day! For the Miranda’s among us, a classic espresso martini is your perfect match. Simple, caffeinated and straight to the point.


Charlotte is your sister from another mister

You’re sugar, and spice and all things nice. You’re the girly girl of the group, with a darling ditzy persona who is always on the quest to find true love. An ‘Elderflower Tom Collins’ is a sure soul mate for the Charlotte type with its sweet tones topped off with a spritz of bubbly soda water.

Try them all! General Chao promises beautifully blended boozy beverages that won’t disappoint!