Cooking in the great outdoors

3 July, 2020

Finally, travel restrictions are easing and Sydneysiders can travel further than their own backyard. Caravan parks and campsites are filling up with families and groups of friends who have missed breathing in the fresh air and exploring our beautiful state. But even if the furthest you are going is your own backyard, you can still have a lot of fun cooking over a campfire. Let’s take a look at some campfire cooking ideas and what you need for your fireside feast.

Awesome (and easy) outdoor meals for your next trip or home BBQ

Everyone knows that campfires and marshmallows were made for each other, a perfect sweet and smoky match. But there are plenty of other delicious meals that can be created when you’re outside. Try Jamie Oliver’s Mexican breakfast of huevos rancheros. All you need are fresh ingredients and a cast iron skillet to place on the fire. If that’s not your cup of English breakfast tea, the kids will love a grilled halloumi sandwich or pancakes.

Lunches in the great outdoors are usually quick affairs. Marinate some meat or vegetables so they’re ready to barbecue when the group gets hungry. Woolworths Metro has dozens of marinades to choose from to make the process simple. Then simply sizzle, serve and eat. Evening meals are a wonderful time to be creative in the camp kitchen and many compete for the title of best one pot chef when they’re out in the wild. Something like this scrumptious vegetarian casserole is hearty and healthy or you could get a bit fancy and make an Indian rogan josh curry in the coals.

What do I need for campfire cooking?

There is a definite level of skill needed when it comes to building a campfire and creating the ideal cooking environment. Practice makes perfect so remember to stock up on fire wood before you go. Woolworths Metro has matches and firelighters for tricky conditions. It’s always best to plan your meals so you know which utensils to buy and pack. Here are some ideas:

● Cooking utensils with long handles
● BBQ grill plate
● Jaffle maker
● A cast iron pot or dutch oven
● Billy for boiling water
● Heavy duty gloves for lifting items from the fire

Don’t forget your camping plates, cups and cutlery!