Cool drinks for hot days

15 January, 2021

Where to get great iced tea in Chatswood

Summer in Sydney can be a hot and sweaty affair. And as the temperature soars, everyone knows it’s important to stay hydrated. But sometimes the thought of another glass of water is just, well, dull.

Enter iced tea! Many iced teas are still mostly water, so they’re great for hydration. Depending on your choice of tea and preferred recipe, they can also be low or even no sugar and calories, and can be flavoured in any number of directions. 

And luckily in Chatswood, we’re absolutely spoilt with options for tea-based drinks. Ready to explore?

Black, green, herbal or fruit infusion?

Tucked away on the ground floor of Chatswood Interchange opposite Australia Post is one of the suburb’s true gems, Tea Journal. Their range of tea is out of this world, with premium black, green, oolong and pu’er teas from across Asia and a huge choice of herbal and fruit teas too. If you choose to dine in, you can enjoy a selection of iced teas using oolong or black tea as a base, as well as iced matcha, houjicha and taro lattes. PS – Tea Journal’s chiffon cakes are next level decadent too!

Of course, there’s a great range of teas to explore in Woolworths too and Asian City has a big selection also. You can have lots of fun experimenting to see which teas you enjoy the taste of chilled.

Iced tea on the run

If you’re looking for iced tea on the run, you’re spoilt for choice in Chatswood with options including Cha Time and Share Tea. You can choice between fruity iced teas made from a base of black or green tea, iced milk teas, frozen teas (think tea slushie!), and of course, add-ins like various flavours of jellies, pearls and mousses.

Tips for great iced tea at home

Making iced tea is easy and there’s plenty of room to experiment to create your perfect jug. Here’s a few tips to help you:

  • Flavours can be less pronounced when chilled, so try using more tea than if you were drinking it hot – and remember adding ice will dilute your drink further; a good starting point is around 3-5 teaspoons per litre
  • Brew temperature matters – e.g. for green tea, using water around 80C will mean less bitter flavours
  • Play around with brew times – green tea needs just 2-3 minutes, but black tea can tolerate infusion time of around 10-20 minutes
  • You can also experiment with a cold infusion by brewing your tea overnight in cold water
  • Find your sweet spot by playing around with sugar, honey, stevia, juice or fresh fruit.

Do you have a favourite iced tea? Is it a treat you buy when you’re out and about, or do you always have a jug of your favourite “house recipe” in the fridge through summer?