Dining Etiquette 101 – The Art of dining

29 August, 2019

Do you ever feel like Jack from the Titanic when you’ve been invited to a fancy wedding? You look down at your plate and see a plethora of forks. Sweat starts to form and drips from your brow as your stress levels rise. Don’t stress, we’ve got you! We’ve got the easiest tips and tricks; and do’s and don’ts to remember which fork goes with what meals, without shooting a snail across the room.

Work Your Way In
This is one of the things we learned from Titanic, and it’s stuck in our brain since. And quite honestly, it’s so simple to remember. With each course served, use a new cutlery setting. We find this extremely frustrating as we are usually the ones doing the dishes. But you have to fake it till you make it, right? With your first course served, use the fork furthest from the plate, and continue working your way in until main course.

Do’s and Don’ts
With a couple of simple do’s and don’ts, we can teach you transparent tips to accommodate and help you through.

Continue to sip from your glass in the exact same spot as your first sip. This avoids a lip ring forming around the top of the glass. You apparently should also place your glass back in the same spot on the table each time you pick it up.

Lift your menu from the table. This may be tough in an amber light setting and you didn’t bring your glasses. But if you have 20/20 vision, always keep one part of the menu attached to the table.

Keep the rim of your plate as clean as possible, this is out of respect for the wait staff.

Clink your glass. Don’t cheers. Don’t do a boomerang story for the gram. Just don’t.

Tell everyone you’re going to the bathroom. Even if you use the term restroom. Don’t say dunny. Don’t say loo. Do not tell everyone where you are going. Simply excuse yourself from the table.

What we may seem to be completely normal behaviour, can be considered extremely rude in a fine dining situation. Just like Vivian Ward in the all-time classic Pretty Woman, you too can learn how to be surrounded by fancy people, all while knowing quite well you are a commoner.