DIY: Growing Vegetables From Your Veggie Scraps

6 September, 2019

Time to save some money because we’re about to help you grow your very own vegetables from the scraps you usually chuck in the bin. How amazing would it be to gather all your friends around for a dinner party, to feed them an amazing hearty home cooked meal with your home-grown veggies?

What can you grow? That’s the beauty of it, you can grow so many different veggies, starting from the comfort of your own kitchen. Let’s start with celery. When we buy a bunch of celery, we usually chop the end off, chuck it away, wash it then use it. Don’t chuck it! You can grow more celery just with the end you usually throw in the bin. Fill a small container with 2 inches of warm water and place your celery in the container with part sun. Change out your water daily and watch in wonder as your scraps bloom into more celery. If you have rich soil in your yard, celery can be planted after about 8 days and voila, you have become a green thumb.

Moving on to avocado. Remove the avocado ‘pit’ and locate which end is up. There is always a more pointed side to the pit and that point is up. Pierce with 3 toothpicks and place the seed half-submerged in a glass of water. Don’t submerge the whole seed or it won’t work. Watch your seed sprout and pot in soil when your tree is about 15cm tall.

We all love garlic. You can add garlic in almost every dish you cook. When you purchase a bulb of garlic, sometimes you don’t use every clove up. But that’s OK, because you’re about to learn how to create bulbs out of cloves. When left long enough each clove will start to sprout and when it sprouts, you can literally just pop it in some soil and the clove will multiply in the ground into a bulb of about 5-10 cloves. It’s best to plant garlic at the start of Spring with rich, well-drained soil.

So, keep your scraps and get your green thumb on because it’s time to drench your soil and get planting.