Don’t Judge A Veggie By Its Cover

23 August, 2019

Picture this: Imagine growing from a tiny little seed, deep down in the earths soil. You and all of your vegetable buddies are growing up big and strong each day with water and rich soil surrounding you. It’s time to be picked, you know you’ve become the best vegetable and will taste absolutely amazing in whatever dish you’re made into. But you’ve been picked, gawked at in disgust and instantly tossed aside, into the trash, to rot your life away.

Why? What have you done to deserve this? You did your job and grew up to be big, strong and tasty. You used the soil, you drank the water, but you don’t look like the rest of the bunch, so you were binned. Woolworths have noticed this has become such a big problem for farmers and have decided to do something about it. Why create more waste when these ‘ugly’ vegetables will more than likely chopped up and used for soup anyway? They still taste the same, just a little odd looking.

Let us introduce you to the odd bunch. Sold in Woolworths, they’re an ugly bunch of veggies, all thrown in together, to be sold at a cheaper price than ‘regular’ looking veggies. Still the same taste, just a different look but more importantly, a different price. Do you know what this means? Less waste but also the farmers get to sell their weird looking vegetables and you’re actually helping them. It’s a win win. From lemons to zucchini’s and tomatoes to strawberries, Woolworths are also eco-friendly with their no plastic approach to providing their odd bunch vegetables.

Vegetables may not all look the same on the outside, but they’re all going to be chopped up and eaten and still taste the same on the inside. When picking your veggies for the week, go with the odd bunch. You’re helping the farmers and you’re also saving money.