Easy Travel Friendly Foods For Your Commute

16 August, 2019

You wake up, look at the time and think to yourself ‘if I hit snooze, I’ll get another 10 minutes of sleep, but I won’t have time to cook brekkie.’ We hit that snooze button every single morning. An extra 10 minutes of sleep can sometimes be the difference of happy or grumpy for the whole day. No sweat, we’ve got the solution; finger friendly foods for your commute. An extra 10 minute of sleep AND food, that is where it’s at.

If your commute is long and you’ve got a little time to chill and words with friends isn’t cutting it, stop by Krispy Kreme and grab a bagel to keep you happy and full. Grab a classic cream cheese bagel on the run to eat to your hearts content on your way to work, putting you in great spirits for all of your dreaded deadlines. Add a coffee to your other hand and you’ve got yourself a popping morning.

Feeling like a breakfast treat? The Steam Engine delivers the goods for a melt in your mouth croissant or banana bread and coffee to go. Go on, treat yo’ self!

If your tummy and tastebuds are feeling a little more adventurous, stop by Tori Korean Street Food for an eclectic handmade fish cake for $5, or grab 3 for $10 if you’re a little hungrier than usual. Easy to hold on and pop in your gob when you’re on the go.

Maybe your sweet tooth is aching for a treat and you’d prefer to order something from Hokkaido Baked Cheese Tart X PAFU. A simple yet delectable tart for $3.90 can really hit the spot. What about a drink though? Sometimes coffee can cut it but a tea from Chatime might be just what you need to slurp on during your journey to work. Either hot or chilled fruity teas are on order, with tapioca ‘bubbles’ for the added burst of excitement.

Whether you’re on the go and in a hurry or you take your time, strolling your way through the Interchange, we’ve got the goods when it comes to easy finger friendly foods.