Foods That Mess With Your Senses

7 June, 2019

We’re in a day and age where cooking and science has blended together in a big way to create foods that are designed to excite and challenge our minds against our tastebuds. Heston Blumenthal is the master of molecular gastronomy and has been deemed the Willy Wonka of his time.

We had the most amazing culinary experience at Heston’s restaurant in Melbourne simply yet beautifully titled ‘DINNER’. Walking into his restaurant gave us a glimpse into his weird and wacky world of foods that mess with your senses and our tastebuds were ready to be put to the challenge!

Our favourite dish was his famous ‘Meat Fruit’ which upon appearance looked like a pretty piece of fruit humbly placed on a plate, but upon further inspection after slicing it open, it turned out to be the most divine terrine we have ever tried!

Foods that mess with your senses bring you into a place of venerability and curiosity and it’s this unique experience that chefs these days love to create and play with.

The aim of these dishes is not only to dazzle and delight the taste buds, but they’re designed to be visually appealing and often added elements like smoke or flame is part of the dish to create an overall theatrical feel and experience as if you were a kid in Wonka Land!

(remember the gum that turned into a three course meal with every chew? *Nostalgia*)

It can be tricky to get your head around the idea of say ‘Green Curry Ice Cream’ however, these chefs work incredibly hard to get the balance right in these quirky dishes and if you’re brave enough to try them we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Turning meals into a magic show is truly an art form and truly enhances overall dining experiences leaving us with unforgettable memories and our mouths wide open in shock and admiration for these ingenious ‘mad hatter’ like chefs.

These creative dishes force us to try new things and gain new perspectives on flavour combinations.

If you want to try some seriously cool dishes that will mess with your senses and tickle your taste buds head over to General Chao – Their Green Curry Ice cream is a truly magical dish that will mesmerise and give you a true ‘Willy Wonka’ experience!