From flab to fab

14 August, 2020

Forget sad and boring two minute noodles with our ideas for improving this favourite snack

For many people, two minute noodles are one of the first things you learn to “cook” as a kid. Open the pack, boil some water, sprinkle on the flavouring sachet and hey presto! A quick snack or easy meal to fill your tummy with warming, carb-laden goodness. But let’s be honest, two minute noodles can sometimes be a little bit sad. One dimensional flavour sachets, noodles that aren’t quite cooked to perfection, and not always substantial enough to really keep you going.

Well, no more! We’re here with ideas to make your two minute noodles better than ever, whether you’re after a quick after school snack for the kids or a quick and easy lunch or dinner to power you through a busy day.

Step one: Buy your noodles

Happily, in Chatswood, we’re spoilt for choice on places to buy your two minute noodles. Asian City has a great range of imported brands and of course, Woolworths Metro has all the standard brands you’ve grown up with. It’s easy to make sure your cupboards are stocked for whenever you get a noodle craving!

Step two: Cook your noodles properly

If you’re anything like us, apparently you’ve been cooking your two minute noodles wrong for years, according to Arthur Tong from online grocer Asian Staples. If you’ve been boiling the noodles, adding the seasoning to the same water and eating, it’s time to stop! Apparently, the secret to better noodles is par-boiling the noodles, rinsing under running cold water, then mixing fresh boiling water to the seasoning mix before adding the noodles. Who knew?

Step three: Experiment with extra flavourings and toppings

OK, you’ve got your properly cooked noodles. Now it’s time to dial up the flavour and turn your bowl into something delightful and delicious, rather than just something to fill an empty grumbling tummy. Here’s some ideas to get you started:

  • Use real broth: Maybe you’re a super organized person with some homemade chicken stock in your fridge (and if so, you’re our hero and can we please be friends?). If so, you can say “not today” to the flavour sachet and use that instead as the soup for your noodles. Now that’s something to slurp with smug satisfaction!
  • Get busy topping: Make your noodles more substantial with add-ons like a perfectly boiled egg, steamed greens, leftover shredded chicken, etc. Let your fridge contents and a pinch of creativity guide you.
  • Squeeze over some sauce: A drizzling of sauce can really add a punch of flavour to your noodles. Whether that’s a dash of soy sauce or tamari, a squeeze of chilli sauce or maybe a spoonful of kimchi, the choice is yours. For an instant satay vibe, why not try mixing in some peanut butter and chilli sauce? Or for a bit of zing, squeeze over some lemon or lime juice.