Fruit and Vegetables In Season For Spring

19 September, 2019

Oh how we patiently await the warming first spring moments when we feel the frost leaves our fingertips and we slowly begin to thaw in the sunshine. Well it’s not just us who awaits the warmer weather ready to fully flourish, it turns out that seasonal produce feels much the same too. Chefs this time of year meticulously research what produce will work best in the upcoming months and carefully cater their menu’s around the best produce this time of year. From fruits and vegetables to herbs, Spring is set to feature some showstopping ingredients that are (almost) ready to be turned into super spectacular Spring inspired dishes. Seasonal cooking is not only sustainable and environmentally friendly, it also encourages chefs and the like to source all or the majority of their produce right here in Australia. It also means we get to use produce is in its prime and when it tastes its absolute best.

The Green Team
Asparagus , avocados & zucchini are particularly abundant come spring and who doesn’t love a good slice of avo on toast to start their day! Try some in your spring salad, mashed and served as guacamole or simply eat it straight from its natural casing with a spoon. Asparagus is another awesome greeny to add in dishes and did you know, they’re actually related to the Lily! Cool huh! Z is for zucchini and also for zoodles! Try replacing your next spaghetti dish with zoodles instead of noodles for a lighter and fresher option!

Water Babies
Spinach, silverbeet & watercress are all beautifully water-rich vegetables and contain a good amount of iron which is essential in our diets to help create and
support red blood cells which are vital for carrying oxygen around our bodies. These gorgeous leafy babes are a must have this Spring.

Citrus-ly Good
Lemons, mandarins and oranges. These bright beauties are packed with vitamin C and are joyously juicy to eat at this time of year. Why not try making a simple salad vinaigrette with a citrus base for a zingy and fresh finish or try your hand at making a thirst quenching homestyle lemonade for a cooling spring drink to sip.

Cherries, nectarines, peaches and plums are where the sweet side is at this coming season. These gorgeous stone fruits might be tough on the inside but they’re sweet and oh so juicy on the outside and are perfect for eating as is or using in desserts. Peaches are especially divine in warm salads too! Keep up to date here with the best Spring inspired signature dishes coming straight to you from Chatswood Interchange’s kitchens!