Get some pork on your fork

11 October, 2019

The weather is getting warmer by the day and we’re ready to fire up our BBQs for some much missed meaty goodness to go with our salads and G&T’s. While steak and lamb are finger-licking good, we’re here to tell you it’s time to get some juicy protein packed pork on your fork!

Pork is such a delicious and versatile meat and we’ve found some absolute crack-ling dishes (see what we did there) to get around your chops stat! Did you know that pork is packed with protein and the majority of pork’s fat comes from monounsaturated fat with lower levels of saturated and polyusaturated fat so that means that pork could be a good meat to add into your weekly food intake! Bring on the bacon we say!

Pork won’t break the Piggy bank as most cuts are moderate in price (unlike it’s farmyard friend lamb which can be quite pricey) and there are so many diverse dishes we know you’re going to want to try. Weather it’s a hearty pork and veal spag bol your craving, or some soupy and slurpy pork dumplings that tickle your fancy, pork is about to become your new BFF!

Did someone say ribs? Mmmm! If you’re wanting a saucy pork dish then 1Ton serves up a seriously scrumptious dish of steamed pork ribs in black bean sauce with rice, this one is a true hunger buster! But why have one type of pork when you can have three types in one dish! China Chilli serves up a mouth-watering trio of Szechuan bacon, pork sausage and pork tongue for a truly memorable flavour sensation! Think all the porky goodness, textures and a hit of spice! Want some pork on the go? Do yourself a favour and head immediately over to Breadtop Express to experience their unique sweet and savoury Pork Floss Buns. Yep, you heard us right. Pork Floss! Don’t knock it til you try it … oh, and a warning – they’re totally crave worthy.

For all the OTT peeps out there, General Chao has you covered with their GIANT pork bun handmade with braised free range pork belly that’s served moreish mustard greens, shallots and beautiful smoked black vinegar. It’s a crowd pleaser and a menu favourite. Now, we don’t know about you but there’s nothing quite as delicious as freshly made dumplings *can we get an Amen* For your next pork fix, feast on a serve of Pork & Chive dumplings over at The Dumpling House. With a giant 12 pieces per serve, its sure to satisfy the hungry piggy within!

Finally, if you prefer to DIY your pork then grab a pack of Pork Loin Chops and whack them on the BBQ for a juicy and succulent bite! OR if you want to trick your friends into thinking you’ve been slaving over the stove all day, grab a pack of slow cooked pork shoulder smothered in delicious BBQ sauce and wow the crowd with your cheeky but clever meal! #lifehack