Get your kids the kit they need for kitchen magic

20 November, 2020

Best kitchen gadgets for kids this Christmas

Yes, the C word. It’s coming. If you’ve got kids who like to cook, we’ve put together a guide for awesome kitchen gadgets to put under the tree this year.

Kids love appliances that make their jobs easy in the kitchen – almost as much as adults do. Why use a pot with a lid when you can plug in a popcorn maker and have cinema-style buttery popcorn every time? Why shake a plastic cup when you can whizz a milkshake on a stand just like they do at cafes? 

When your kids have grown out of chopstick aids with animal faces on them, plastic mini tongs and the cute apron/oven mitts/matching mini chef hat stage, it’s time to level up and focus on helping them to cook the items they love to eat. Chocolate moulds, ice pole makers, cookie cutters, waffle machines, a batter dispenser for cupcakes and pancakes, milk frothers (for those hot chocolates and babycinos), ice snow cone makers, sushi bazooka (this one makes short work of sushi and goes in the dishwasher!!), and extra long marshmallow forks are all fabulous gifts for the little (and not so little) people who populate your kitchen.

Bona fide baby bakers

If your kids love baking and cake decorating, there are hundreds of options for you to explore when it comes to satisfying their creative talents. Woolworths sells a full range of baking ingredients and equipment, plus the decorations. Add in a cake turntable and a sophisticated decorating kit which allows them to sculpt, frost, sprinkle and dust all the colours of the rainbow onto their creations, and you will hit the jackpot. Not only will their decorating tools make them happy (and keep them occupied), you’ll have gorgeous looking cake for days.

 Books for little cooks

If you have a mini masterchef in your midst, cookbooks, like food, are the way to their hearts. At Australia Post there are always Christmas cookbooks on special. You’ll find the Women’s Weekly Christmas Book, Jude’s Food, a celebration of Hungarian food, and Alfresco Eats, the ultimate book about gourmet cooking on the BBQ.

And for the decorations?

Are the kids as creative with setting a Christmas vibe as they are in the kitchen? Head over to Zap Variety and stock up on homewares, kitchenwares, stationary and all sorts of sparkly, colourful decorations to aid the Christmas spirit. Get your gift wrapping sorting and don’t forget some arts and crafts supplies for them to make sensational place settings.

Where to find foodie Christmas gifts in Chatswood

Woolies can be your friend when it comes to buying Christmas gifts for the kids in your life. Check out the homewares aisle and you will find deep frypans, woks, air fryers and pie makers. For kids with a penchant for Asian flavours, Asian City is good for sushi sets, teppanyaki plates and authentic pottery to complement the gourmet meals they want to whip up.