Getting to the Root of Winter

12 July, 2019

Grab your winter woollies, it’s winter time! It’s time to dust off the slow cooker and find those hidden slow cooking cook books and fill up on hearty veggie, winter warming stews. Veggies are seasonal, and the winter veggie selection are some of the absolute cream of the crop when it comes to stews and slow cooking. Everyone’s a little different when it comes to winter cooking time. You might pop your vegetables in a slow cooker before darting off to work in the morning, or you potentially roast your vegetables with a combination of garlic, butter and herbs; whatever floats your boat. But what are the best veggies for an all-out winter feast?

The obvious and most common winter veggies are broccoli, carrot and cauliflower. They’re easy to add to any dish and even easier to hide in a stew by sneakily grating them. You can even create a low carb rice substitute with cauliflower, and the kids (or your fussy eating friend) won’t be able to tell the difference. Growing up, our favourite side dish was a creamy cauliflower bake with panko bread crumbs on top for that extra bit of crunchy deliciousness.

Next up, we’ve got the little more adventurous veggies in the colder months. Asian greens, Chinese cabbage, parsnip and radish are amongst some divine winter veg to add to your meal to give it that extra wow factor. Adding some of these flavours can make your dull dish go from drab to fab. Winter also provides some epic key ingredients to make a warming homemade chicken stock. After you’ve devoured your roast chicken from Woolworths and all that’s left is a carcass, pop it in a deep pot with water. Bring to a light simmer and add onion, leek, carrot, parsley, salt and peppercorns for a few hours and voila; you’ve got yourself some appetizing homemade chicken stock with absolutely no added preservatives! A perfect warm treat to keep away nasty winter bugs. Add rice noodles and your Asian greens and you’ve just mastered a quick and easy chicken noodle soup. Winter is a time for food consumption and what better way to start winter off the right way, than to grab a bunch of yummy winter vegetables and cook to your hearts delight.