Giving your good boy or girl the best treat ever

23 April, 2021

Making your own healthy dog treats at home is easy and fun

Is your furry friend the goodest boy or girl ever? Of course they are! And as the official best dog in the world, they deserve treats, right? Right.

But some of the dog treats out there on the market leave a bit to be desired. And other premium options can leave your wallet feeling like it’s been seriously violated. 

The good news is if you want to give your hound some delicious treats without the mystery ingredients, there’s plenty of easy recipes you can make yourself at home.

Remember though – just like for humans, it can be easy to over-do the treats. Make sure you keep an eye on your pup’s intake and ensure that they aren’t having too many extra snacks, especially when you are using treats as a reward for training.

Doggy biscuits with nothing dodgy

Does your pupperino love a biscuit to chew on? Who can blame them? What’s not to love?

Making your own doggy biscuits is as easy as whipping up a batch of cookies for yourself. And just like when you make your own cookies, you know exactly what’s gone into them.

Why not start your dog treat baking experiments with these biscuits – they’re made with just peanut butter, pumpkin puree, eggs and flour. Or try apple carrot treats to boost your dog’s vegetable intake!

Gelatine-based gummies are also a great way to boost your pup’s gut health at the same time as giving them something yummy to eat. Manly & District Kennel & Dog Training Club has a recipe for yummy gummy treats as well as other homemade treats that you can use as training rewards for your doggy.

Dehydrated treats your furry friend will love to eat

Dehydrated treats are a fantastic healthy dog treat. 

You can dehydrate meat-based treats like slices of chicken breast or liver, or use mince to make dog ‘jerky’ for example. Just make sure you use a pet-friendly recipe as jerky made for human consumption will have higher salt levels than is safe for animals!

And you don’t have to use meat either. Lots of vegetables make a fantastic healthy treat for Fido once dehydrated. Sweet potato and carrot slices are two brilliant examples.

You can use a proper dehydrator, but an oven on a low temperature is fine too. Make sure you space your prepped foods out well on trays so nothing is touching and prop the oven door open slightly (for example, wedging a wooden spoon in the door) so that the moisture can evaporate. You can adjust the drying time for chewy or crunchy treats based on what your dog prefers. Once your treats are dried out, cool them on wire racks completely (they’ll probably harden more while cooling) before storing in an air tight jar.

Don’t want to bake? Get freezing instead

We might be heading into the cooler months, but hot days will be here again before you know it. And cooling down your favourite furry friend with some ‘pupsicles’ is a guaranteed way to get you extra pawrental love. 

Frozen treats for your dog can be made with everyday items you have in your kitchen like peanut butter, yoghurt and a variety of fruits, as well as more savoury options like chicken stock. To get you started, Puppyleaks has collated 20 frozen dog treat recipes

Remember to avoid key ingredients

When you’re making treats for your dog, remember that not all foods are safe for them. Some big no-no’s are chocolate and raisins, while your dog could have individual allergies. If you are worried about an ingredient, check with your vet to make sure it’s 100% safe for pups!