Guest Blog-The Best Street Food in Sydney

21 May, 2021

Guest Blog by @sweetandyummie

With the current environment and restrictions meaning that I’m not able to travel to my favourite Asian destinations to eat copious amounts of sweet, salty and sour dishes, the next best thing is to jump onto a trainand head to Chatswood. Not only is it easy to get to but it is home to one of the most diverse multicultural eating districts in Sydney. Chatswood Interchange wraps around the train station and if you are craving street food, then I can tell you exactly what to eat and where.


Order the Fish Head Curry!

Highly desired in Malaysia and Singapore, fish head curry has Indian and Chinese origins using a variety of spices and ingredients that taste so amazing, you will be wanting more. If you are wondering “why a fish head?” . This part of the fish holds a hidden treasure trove of meat located around the jaw, neck and below the gills, which is sweet and packed with flavour. Stewed in a Kerala-style curry sauce with a medley of ingredients such as prawns, okra, eggplant and tomatoes, it’s a one-pot fish meal that sets the taste buds tingling. Eat with steamed white rice and I guarantee you will clean the pot till there is nothing left! Grab a seat and bring a friend or two because this dish is best shared.


Order the Yakitori Toastie.

This is not a normal toastie! Korean street toast is a popular “on the go” breakfast in Korea and has been around for 20 years. With the introduction of sandwiches to Korea, Korean Toast was one of the first sandwiches that gained popularity, and essentially the most addictive sandwich was born. ToastieSmith will fulfil all your toastie desires and can be eaten any time of the day, not just breakfast! There are 10 Korean style toasties to choose from, and trust me you will want to try all of them because firstly they are made to order, and if you love bread as much as me, the thick cut brioche will make you drool with delight. I recommend the Yakitori Toastie because anything with cheese and chicken gets my seal of approval. The service is quick here and you will feel like you are in downtown Myeong dong in Seoul.

Chang’an Noodle

Order the Chinese Hamburg

Also known as Roujiamo from Shaanxi province in north western China, this Chinese equivalent to the Western Hamburger is a popular street snack widely consumed all over China that is aromatic, flavourful, juicy and intensely satisfying. The meat is soft and served on round, slightly chewy, crusty flatbread. At Chang’an the Chinese Hamburg consists of finely chopped pork packed with delicious spices and seasonings that will have your taste buds sizzling with excitement. Fancy a holiday to the city of X i’an? There is no need, just head to Chatswood!