Hair of the dog solutions for over indulging this silly season

24 December, 2019

Hair of the dog is such an individual preference, a bit like picking the perfect perfume. It’s personal and an important post party plan to have when you’re feeling your most fragile. Some crave carbonation and carbs, while others just want to douse themselves in all things green and cleansing. Whichever way you swing when it comes to your ‘hair of the dog’ cure, Chatswood Interchange will sort you out – quick smart! So get yo’ butt out of bed, chuck on some sunglasses and head on over to the Interchange for some seriously good nosh that will help your noggin in no time.

Stone & Peel
If you wake up feeling like death and your taste buds and tum are craving healthy green goodness to make up for your sins the previous night then a Mother Earth Drink or a Dr Green Smoothie will be just what the doctor ordered and will have you filled to the brim with vitamins and minerals you need to recover and restore from the night before.

Cafe Cherry Bean
Big breakfast anyone? Get your Bacon, eggs (and all the sides) fix at Cafe Cherry Bean. Be it a hash brown you need to tend to your sorrows or perfectly cooked crispy bacon, runny eggs and crunchy toast.. you’ll find classic comfort foods cooked to perfection here!

Krispy Krème
Craving a sugar hit to combat those post bubble blues? Krispy Kreme is notoriously known for their delectable doughnuts that will swiftly satisfy with minimal lingering – walk in, grab, go and get over your hangover in peace and privacy.

Macca’s maaate! Its quick, convenient and hits the spot every time with its familiar favs on the menu. Whether you’re in desperate need of a good coffee and a Bacon & Egg McMuffin, or you’re needing a Big Mac straight up in your mouth, McDonalds guarantees minimal human interaction delivering fast and delicious healing to your ‘hangry’ self in no time.


Feeling semi-ok but in need of some warming, soothing nourishment? Then perhaps a brothy soupy dish is the perfect tummy cuddle you need after a night of fun and frivolity. Ippudo has the best Tonkotsu broth you’ll ever taste and it will not only fill you to the brim with tender loving tastes but its good for you too – winning!

Can’t be bothered ‘humaning’ #selfservecheckout head on over to Woolies and head straight for the frozen section. Party pies and dumplings and wedges Oh My! Grab a trolley and fill it with all the comfort foods the frozen section has to offer. Chuck it in the oven, put on Netflix and chill while you indulge on the couch with the curtains closed. Hangover Heaven.

If ‘hair of the dog’ is indeed a bevvy for you and you can’t be bothered to get your sorry butt to a bar, then head straight on over to BWS and pick up a bottle (or case) of the boozy beverage that you so desperately despise but refuse for it to be your ultimate demise. Bloody Mary anyone?!