Hang on, is instant coffee a thing again?

29 May, 2020

Where to get dalgona coffee in Chatswood, how to make your own, and other ways to get your caffeine buzz at home

A strange thing happened around the globe in March when people were instructed to stay home due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Suddenly without access to their favourite cafes to grab that essential, life-giving, hot cup of barista-made coffee daily, everyone was facing that sad and neglected jar of instant coffee that had been hiding at the back of the cupboard.

But how to make instant coffee feel special and exciting? Suddenly, the answer appeared – dalgona coffee. Believed to have originated in India, Pakistan and Macau, it was thrusted into the spotlight by South Korean actor Jung Il-Woo, dubbing it dalgona coffee due to its resemblance to a Korean dessert. Oh, and it just happens to be ultra Insta-worthy too. Definitely a perfect little project for taking on while you #stayhome.

How to make dalgona coffee

Basically, dalgona coffee is made by whipping instant coffee granules, sugar and hot water in equal parts. You need to whisk it together (you can do it by hand, but an electric whisk is easier) until you create a thick foamy cream that seems to be greater than the sum of its parts. The foam is then served spooned on top of either hot or cold milk, perfect for those who like their coffee strong and milky.

Where to buy dalgona coffee in Chatswood

Happily, here in Australia, our restrictions haven’t been quite so severe, and now they are relaxing even further, with cafes able to welcome some guests again for dining in. And Chatswood Interchange favourite, Gram Pancakes serves dalgona coffee (and caramel dalgona – oh em gee, yum!) to go along with its incredible pancakes. Definitely one to add to your brunch or afternoon tea list.

And if you’re always going to say “no way” to instant coffee, you can still make great coffee at home

Of course, instant coffee isn’t the only option for getting that caffeine buzz at home. As well as their ah-mazing coffee made fresh, Steam Engine sells a range of blended and single origin beans for use at home, either in your home espresso machine or filter. They also sell hand grinders, Aeropress kits, V60 drippers and pour over cones so you can prepare your brew whichever way you prefer.