Hassle Free Christmas – Hacks To Make The Day Easier

13 December, 2019

2019 has nearly come to a close and we can’t believe it’s Christmas time again. Get out your best dishes and polish your cutlery because if it’s your turn to host the family this year, we’re about to make it 10 times easier with a couple of cheeky little hacks. No one will even know and you’ll look like you’ve been planning this day for years. It’s time to get your Martha Stewart on, crack out the apron and call your good friend Snoop Dog, because this year is your year. You’re not going to let your Aunt belittle your food just because you’re a millennial, you’re going to show her who’s boss and leave her wondering how the hell you aced a meal for the masses.

Food Prep
When you go to any restaurant, there is one thing they ALL do; prep. They spend tireless hours to prep everything in order to make your dining experience perfect. It’s makes for a smoother delivery and service. You must do the same thing. But let’s make things a little bit easier for you. For your roast veggies, Woolworths have ready to chuck in the microwave vegetables so you don’t need to spend the time washing and chopping. Just open the package (and don’t forget to throw it away so no one knows your secret) and pop them in. Make sure you put the oven on low heat and add a little butter if you want to keep them warm before your guests arrive. A time saver to say the least. The same with their pre-made salad mixes. You choose which ones you want, they even comes with dressing, and you simply pop it in a bowl and throw away the evidence. Smart and simple.

Have something waiting for your guests as they arrive. A little Christmassy treat of Aperol Spritz or a wine spritzer as they walk through the door will have everyone a little more relaxed and less uptight as the day rolls on. Keep your guests topped up throughout the course of the day to get everyone into the Christmas cheer and less worried about what time you’re going to serve up the main meal.

Have an epic grazing board ready and available for guests to nibble on to their hearts content from the moment the first arrive.It will keep people busy and entertained while you whip back and forth from the kitchen to check on your meal. Add cheeses, meats and bread to the board amongst fruits and dips to get your family and friends fulling up a bit so the pressure comes off the wait for the main course.

Clean Out Your Fridge
Before you start any of your shopping and prepping, clean out your fridge in the nights leading up to your big day. Get rid of the take away containers that have been sitting their for days and neatly pack up all of your condiments to one side to leave you ample room for your feast. The last thing you want to do while trying to cook is trying to rearrange your fridge to fit everything in.

If none of this appeals to you, hire a catering company to come out and do the dirty work for you. It’s both cost and time effective and you can relax while they create a masterpiece you can take credit for.