Healthy snack ideas for kids

9 April, 2020

They’re so easy, they can make them independently!

There’s no denying it’s tough for parents right now. The kids are at home, there’s no school, no activities, plus you’re trying to actually work from home around everyone too. One of the most common interruptions for parents trying to do all the things right now is the constant questions of “Can I have something to eat?” So to help you out, here’s some ideas of healthy snacks for kids. And for bonus points, most of them are easy enough for the kids to make by themselves!

A weekend bake-up

There’s no weekend sport and we’re encouraged to stay home, so it’s a perfect time to get in the kitchen with the kids and set them to work baking a week’s worth of snacks. Even toddlers can mix up muffins with a little bit of help, and most primary school aged children can take on a fair number of kitchen tasks with a bit of supervision for things like chopping with sharp knives and anything that involves heat like the oven or stovetop. Some great ideas to fend of hunger pangs all week long include:

Prep your fruit and veg to grab and go

Remember when mum used to say “If you’re not hungry enough for an apple, you’re not hungry”? Yeah, used to drive us mad as kids too, but now as parents, we’re in full agreement. One of the best ways to make it easy for your kids to eat plenty of fruit and veg when stuck at home (and to leave you alone to get on with your work) is to spend a few minutes every couple of days filling your fridge with washed and pre-chopped snacks. Great options include:

  • Sliced apple (squeeze a bit of lemon juice over to prevent browning)
  • Carrot, cucumber and capsicum sticks
  • Washed berries (put them in a bowl lined with paper towel to prevent them going mouldy)

To make it more fun, you can even use your pre-cut fruit to make things like these apple race car snacks.

No-bake treats

No-bake treats like bliss balls are great healthy snacks for kids. They provide a boost of energy, plus provide a tactile experience mixing and rolling. If your kids aren’t at school, you can feel free to use nuts, or if you’re trying to stay nut-aware, alternatives include using seeds or rolled oats to provide substance for your snacks. Some recipe ideas include:

Mix up your lunch

The Groundhog Day experience of being at home each day can really start to wear thin when everyone’s having a Vegemite sandwich for lunch for the fifth day in a row. Some great lunch ideas to mix things up a bit include: