Herbalicious – best herbs to grow this Spring

30 October, 2019

Spring has sprung and our little herby friends have sprouted ready to add deliciousness to our dishes! Can you imagine how bland dishes would be without the use of herbs and spices? They’d be boring, blah, bland and baby- food like. Yes, herbs add amazing flavour layers to food and a little often goes a long way! From a sprig or two of rosemary that makes that Sunday roast simply perfect, to a fresh bunch of basil leaves that Nonna throws into a tomato sauce to make a bolognese unforgettable, herbs – although they may be small in size, somehow have seemingly magic properties that turn a dish from drab, to fab!

But what herbs go best with what cuisine? Never fear because we’ve dug up some dirt on herbs so you don’t have to do the guess work when creating your next culinary creation!

Commonly paired with chicken, lamb and veal and has a dry aroma with a slightly minty finish, Thyme is a more subtle herb than others making it perfect for just that little bit of extra flavour added to delicate dishes.

Commonly used in Italian dishes, there’s nothing quite like a bunch of fresh basil stirred through a hearty tomato based pasta sauce. Not only does Basil produce gorgeous liquorice and robust flavour layers but it adds beautiful green colour to a dish

Some love it, some hate it and it seems as though there’s no in between. Traditionally used in a lot of Asian dishes and Mexican also, this herb is quite strong with a pungent floral finish. Pimp up your next bowl of guacamole with some roughly chopped coriander though it for a kick!

A robust herb with a lemony finish, Oregano is great in Mexican and Mediterranean dishes.


This feathery looking herb has a light herby flavour and is perfect for serving with fish and potatoes.

Possibly the most popular and versatile herb, used for flavour and commonly used as a final garnish also. Continental parsley has flatter leaves with long stems, while curled leaf parsley is more bushy.

More recently herbs have been included as ingredients in desserts and drinks such as cocktails and mocktails! General Chao does ah-mazing cocktails with divine herb infusions such as their Mandarin Oriental made with Vodka, Sherry, fresh mandarins served over ice with a bouquet garni of thyme, rosemary & sage. Or if you’re on the mocktails, why not try their decadent ‘Shrub & Garden’ made with PS40 Bush Tonic, Seedlip Garden 108, cucumber shrub and basil! Sounds like heaven right?!

And when you’re not sipping your herbal concoctions, why not get outside with the kids in the sunshine and give them a go at growing their very own herb garden! The delight on their faces with the first sighting of a little green sprout popping up from the soil is one of life’s simple delights. Woolworths have launched their ‘Discovery Garden’ promotion where you receive the cutest little pot filled with everything you’ll need to get your seedlings started – just add water! There are 24 types to collect and you receive one free with every $30 spent in store! So what are you waiting for? Get growing!