Hooray for St Patricks Day! Get your green on this St Patty’s day

13 March, 2020

If you’re not of Irish descent and don’t really understand why people dress up in all things green, wearing funny leprechaun hats, waving flags
covered in three leafed clovers around mid-march every year then were here to give you the low down on exactly what St Patrick’s Day is and why it’s celebrated. Before you head to the pub to join the emerald crowd with a pint or two and a beef and Guinness pie, let’s take you back to where St Patrick’s day all began! Named after the patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick’s day is a cultural and religious holiday held annually on March 17. This celebration of Irish heritage entails fabulous food, drinks (of the alcoholic kind), parades, excitement and of course sporting all things coloured green!

St Patrick, said to have passed away on March 17th around year 493 (now that’s old!) grew up in Roman Britain but was captured by Irish raiders and taken to Ireland as a young adult where he would become a slave. Pretty depressing right? So how did this slave boy become a saint, and how is his name still celebrated to this very day?

Basically, he ended up returning to Ireland some years later, ministering Christianity throughout the country and became a missionary working for the north and west of the nation. According to folklore he is said to have completely rid Ireland of snakes (say whaaat?!). Weird right? Well, it turns out that the demise of snakes in Ireland actually may have occurred during the last ice age – still a pretty cool story though! The ‘snakes’ he is said to have gotten rid of may refer to the pagan worshipers and druids of snake and serpent gods. While we’re not exactly sure the scale of truth in it all (see what we did there), any celebration that includes drinking and being merry is something worth continuing for many years to come.

Hooray for St Patricks Day! Some popular symbols seen on this day are ‘The Shamrock’ (a three leafed clover symbolising The Holy Trinity), Celtic crosses and those cheeky little mythical men called Leprechauns that promise luck and pots of gold hidden at the end of a rainbow. Why not pop into Zap Variety and grab yourself some fun fancy dress items to celebrate! Look the part with wearing green and if you can find yourself an oversized leprechaun hat, you’ll totally fit in with the crowd – promise!

The Rocks Sydney is hosting their annual St Patrick’s Day Festival, Sunday March 15 that promises to be full of fun and frivolity for the while
family. Only half an hour on the train from Chatswood Interchange, you can drink up with their licenced bar onsite (no BYO) and enjoy an array of activities including the kids! With activities such as free face- painting and Irish themed craft activities to enjoying Irish dancing displays, interactive Irish Dancing Lessons, Pipe Band performances and soulful Irish ballads in the performance tent, you’ll be sure to have a ball!