How do you like them apples?

7 May, 2021

Everything you wanted to know about this most accessible of fruits

It’s universally accepted that an apple a day keeps the doctor away because apples are good for us. They’re low in calories, and high in fibre, vitamin C and antioxidants. 

Parents across Australia cook up apples with a dash of cinnamon to feed their infants. We take them as a snack in our lunchboxes and we create delicious apple pies for dessert at our dinner parties. 

Yes, Australians love apples so we’re here to give you the low down on this popular fruit.

Where in the world did apples come from?

Scientists have analysed the DNA of modern apples and discovered that the first apples were found in the mountains of Kazakhstan. The same species, the Malus sieversii apple, still grows in the region. Because apples are never ‘true to their seed’ (meaning that each apple tree grows fruit that is slightly different from its parent tree), the apples we eat today are very different from the originals. 

Apples in Australia

Before the arrival of the First Fleet, apples didn’t exist in Australia. These days there are over 600 apple growers across the country, with apples mainly grown in our cold-climate regions. 

The apple harvest is from February to June, before the trees lose their leaves for the winter. Most popular varieties are the green Granny Smiths, Red Delicious, Pink Lady (also known as Cripps Pink), Fuji, and Gala (or Royal Gala). Other apple varieties are: Braeburn, Golden Delicious, Jazz, Jonathan, Jonagold (a cross between a Jonathan and Golden Delicious), Sundowner and Eve.

What to cook with apples

When it comes to recipes that use apples, there are thousands. You can add apples to your fruit salad, air fry slices to make fritters, or add them to a Waldorf Salad, but have you thought about mixing apples with beans and fennel or combining with bacon and blue cheese in an omelet? Unique hey?

You can combine apples with apricots to make a delicious stuffing for a pork roast or keep things simple by adding an apple sauce on the side. A savoury Apple and Thyme Tart is another way to use apples a bit differently. 

Apples are a very versatile fruit for desserts. They can be grated, sliced, baked, boiled, steamed or pan-fried to perfection. Try this Cinnamon Apple Cake recipe or master the Apple and Blueberry Pie. The kids will love Apple Muffins in their lunch boxes.

If you want to make your own fresh juice it can be as simple as popping some chunks of apple in the blender but if you want to enhance the sweetness of the fruit, follow this recipe.

Where to find apples in Chatswood

Woolworths is proud that they don’t use wax to preserve the Australian apples that are for sale in their fresh produce sections. The apples at the Chatswood store are fresh and nutritious.