How funky is too funky? Using Strong cheeses

17 April, 2020

April is a big month for cheese lovers, with both Cheese Fondue Day and Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day falling in the month. Are these made up marketing events? Maybe, but as cheese lovers, we’re here for it!

Choosing your perfect cheese

Stinky cheeses can be polarising. Some people think goats’ cheeses bear a bit too much resemblance to the smell of an actual wet goat, and others can’t get enough. Blue cheeses ripe with mould are one person’s delight and another person’s unpleasantly itching mouth. So how can you find the cheese that’s the right level of strong for you and what you want to use it for?

The first thing to consider is how are you using your strong cheese? Are you wanting something to create the world’s best ever toasted cheese sandwich? Maybe you’re creating a decadent cheese board to wrap up a dinner party? Or if you’re wanting to get your retro on and go all Swiss with a fondue party, that will change your choices yet again.

Another thing to consider is any other foods you need to pair with your strong cheese. If you are pairing your cheese with fruits or vegetables, whether on a cheese board or in a cooked dish, things to consider are whether you want to aim for complimentary flavours and textures, or if you want to deliberately contrast. For example, some strong cheeses benefit from pairing with foods to cut through creaminess or other attributes with crisp textures and cleansing acidity.

Once you are clear on what you need your cheese for, it’s time to go shopping. Buying your strong cheese is easy in Chatswood. Woolworths Metro at Chatswood Interchange has a great range of pre-packaged cheeses ready to grab and go.

Here’s some of our favourite strong cheeses to get you inspired

We’re blessed with so many interesting cheeses readily available in Australian supermarkets and delis. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • Raclette: This Swiss cheese has fantastic melting properties and is a classic inclusion
    in fondue
  • Chevre: This goats’ cheese is an adaptable cheese for inclusion in cheese boards, adding to roasted mushrooms or including in a salad
  • Stilton: A classic English blue cheese that adds oomph to any cheese board
  • Gorgonzola: A creamier blue cheese from Italy, available in both dolce (a sweeter cheese) and piccante – it makes a cracking sauce for pasta or gnocchi
  • Washed rind: Frequently with a distinctive orange exterior, washed rind cheeses can often be divisive with a classic aroma that’s described by some as being like smelly socks – but with the right accompaniments, we love it!