How to cook the perfect Mother’s Day brekkie

30 April, 2021

Let’s treat Mum to breakfast in bed

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed, especially when it’s lovingly made by one of your children? And, even though you can’t complain too much about cold toast or soggy cereal (hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?) with a little hinting and help from a partner or older sibling, you might just get something that tastes good, too.

With Mother’s Day on May 9, let’s look at some tasty ideas to serve to Mum in bed and get some tips on how to make it a Mother’s Day brekkie to remember. 

Know your audience

First things first. What does Mum actually like eating? Does she like a sweet treat or prefer something savoury? If eggs are her go-to at the weekend, don’t serve a stack of pancakes or porridge topped with yoghurt and fresh fruit. Also, avoid mess-prone foods that are going to be difficult to eat in bed. And finally, clear up as you go along and don’t leave the dishes for Mum to sort out, later.

That’s really eggcellent, kids!

If Mum’s an egg fan, you’ll be spoilt for choice. Sometimes simple is best, so don’t dismiss a perfectly cooked boiled egg and soldiers or a cheesy mushroom omelette. For something a little fancier, why not try?

  • Whipping up a roast vegetable rosti with poached eggs.
  • Reaching for Jamie Oliver’s recipe for baked eggs with fillings such as spinach and ham, smoked salmon and chives or tomato and basil.
  • Giving a normally savoury frittata a sweet twist with apple and cinnamon?

Bring out her sweet side

If Mum has a sweet tooth, she’ll love a stack of pancakes smothered in vanilla-berry sauce. Or perhaps pancakes with bananas and homemade caramel sauce is more her cup of tea (and on that note, don’t forget the accompanying coffee, tea or even a glass of Buck’s Fizz). 

Porridge doesn’t have to be boring if you serve it with apple and linseeds or nuts, goji berries and seeds. For a gluten and dairy-free version, try Lola Berry’s quinoa and blackberry porridge

For the ultimate in sweet simplicity, these toasted English muffins topped with ricotta and strawberries will be as tasty as they are a cinch to make. 

Raising a toast

We Australians love our smashed avo on toast. So, if Mum’s no different, she’ll love a serve of smashed avocado and feta on toasted sourdough, particularly if you place it on a fancy plate (and don’t forget the napkins, this is a special brekkie, after all!)

The advantage of this overnight blueberry french toast recipe is that a grown-up (not Mum) can do all the work the night before. And if Mum prefers savoury over sweet, she’ll swoon when presented with creamy mushrooms on toast.

And, finally…

If you’re a little challenged in the kitchen, you could always take Mum out for breakfast. Our picks include the breakfast burrito at Locomotion, The Dumpling House for pan-fried pork buns and the traditional Chinese pancake at Master Yang. Simples.