How To Perfectly Dress Your Salad

18 October, 2019

You may think that dressing a salad is somewhat a basic task, however this is actually a specific way to perfectly dress a salad and we’re going to let you in on a few secrets. It’s the perfect time of year to switch heavier meals to lighter options as its warming up and we’re keen to become bikini body ready when
Summer hits. Salads are a great way to bulk up healthy ingredients and turn them either into complete meals (think Caesar Salad) or as a side dish.
So what exactly are the elements that make a perfectly dressed salad? Here are a few tips that’ll help you create scrumptious salads that are perfectly put together, every single time.

Fresh is best
First things first, using ingredients that are as fresh as possible play a key and vital role in any dish, and salads are no exception. Make sure your rocket isn’t wilting, your tomatoes aren’t wrinkling, your avocado isn’t brown and your croutons are crisp! From the vegetables to the dressings, always, always, always use fresh ingredients.

Be a Tosser
Yes that’s right, you heard us. If you want the perfect ratio of ingredients in each mouthful, its all about the toss. Get in with your hands and gently scoop and tumble your ingredients until you’ve got consistent layers and a good even distribution of ingredients throughout. Choosing to put heavier ingredients down the bottom and lighter on the top should help ensure that heavier veggies such as broccoli or string beans are tumbled through, and lighter elements like lettuce or pomegranate seeds aren’t squashed before you’ve even touched it.

Dress for success
Less is often more when it comes to dressings. You want the dressing of choice to subtly coat your salad, not drench it. A salad smothered with too much dressing is overbearing, unpleasant and ruins the dish. Dressings are designed to add and enhance the flavour of the ingredients, not to dominate them. Start by drizzling a small amount of dressing over your salad before tossing, and always taste first before adding more.