How to Wine Taste like a Pro!

27 March, 2020

Sounds easy enough right? Pour, sip, swallow…repeat. But it turns out that wine-tasting is an actual thing and it’s not just for snobby folk with way too much money. We’ve been on a wine tasting tour in the Hunter Valley, and we have lived to tell the tale.. it was actually interesting and we learnt a hell of a lot about wine (while getting slightly tipsy on the samples) and bonus, it will taste better when you follow these simple wine tasting tips.

Whether you choose to go with traditional wine glasses, or you want to mix it up with mismatched vintage ones *runs straight to Vinnies*, make your setup visually appealing for you and your guests if you’re going to DYI this experience. Remember, Red wine glasses have a wider mouth and bowl allowing flavours and smells to hit your nostrils as you swirl it around before sipping. With white wines, the glasses tend to be narrower with smaller mouths to lessen how much air gets into it.

Have a look at your delicious elixir, if red, is it deep and dark in colour or is it lighter in colour with more transparency through the glass? Like a work of art, look for differences between its shades and find what depth works best for your personal palette. Now, here comes the part most of us eye roll at. ‘the swirl’ … no its not just a snooty tooty thing to do, it does in fact serve a purpose. Ideally you should place your glass on a flat surface, grab the bottom of the stem and swirl it vigorously (but still be careful… gently does it, we don’t want spills). This aerates the wine bringing out its best flavour.

Then, give it a good sniff! Our brain can characterise around 10,000 different smells and as we know, our taste is heavily influenced by how things smell. Is it fruity? Woody? Floral? These elements will essentially either turn you on or off what you’re about to sip depending on your flavour preferences. Ok, now you can stop faffing around and take that heavenly first sip. The key here is to sip, swirl (around your mouth) and swallow. If you’re serious about learning how to wine taste, ideally you should skip the swallowing and spit it out instead ready to get your palate cleansed for the next tasting.

And, if you’re just wine-tasting for fun… then we give you permission to swallow your sips… in fact, we give you permission to finish the whole darn delicious bottle! Go and check out the full range of delectable wines available at BWS and order some to be delivered straight to your door!