I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream For Ice-Cream

21 June, 2019

It says it all in the title, doesn’t it? We all scream for ice-cream. Eating ice-cream is probably everyone’s favourite childhood memory. Chasing after the ice-cream truck, waving your money filled hands as it thunders down your street, with music on full blast. It was what we all longed for on a hot Saturday afternoon. These days, ice-cream trucks can still be found but they’re not as common. So where can we go for our sugar hit of icy cold goodness? We got you covered!

According to Game Of Thrones, winter is coming! But, if you’re an ice-cream fanatic like us, you chuck those gloves on your hands and your order to your hearts delight. Celsius Dessert Bar have some of the most epic flavour concoctions we have ever seen! Flavours with names like Spotty Dog, Big Hero, Homer Donut and Old School Malt; we cannot wait to sink our sensitive teeth into each of their flavours. Open until 6:30pm, these guys also have something called Dragon Breath. A delightful dessert that makes you look like you’re breathing fire. Check out their Instagram for some seriously cool videos!

If you’re looking for something a little more on the wild side, head on over to Passion Tree for some breathtaking Bingsoo. Slightly different to your typical ice-cream, bingsoo is basically creamy shaved ice that has the texture of fluffy snow, added with your topping of choice. This is the type of dessert that melts in your mouth with the look of pure satisfaction on your face.

Passion Tree also serve a perfect pancake stack with ice-cream and a waffle cone sitting on top in all of its glory. For $14.90 for a plate of perfection, the flavours include Matcha, Berry and Black Sesame * wipes drool from mouth*.

It doesn’t matter how cold it’s getting, we can certainly sink our teeth into all of these impressive, and completely different, ice-creams. Don’t forget your gloves.